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Youth protection in Germany

August, 26th 2015

Gambling is very attractive for many people in Germany. The danger of becoming addicted to gambling is always present and is not only affecting adult players but especially young people.

The gambling services in Germany are comprehensive and omnipresent. People can gamble in casinos, gambling halls and online. Many gambling services are still illegal, that makes it more difficult to offer the appropriate protection for players and especially for children and adolescents.

Children and adolescents grow up with the Internet nowadays. Therefore gambling online is a greater risk than a gambling machine in a restaurant. There is a filtering software, but it can only provide limited protection.

An important factor of preventing addiction is to enlighten those affected. §6 of the Youth Protection Act says that gambling is permitted only for players over 18 years. In this way, young people should be protected from gambling addiction. Information brochures for players and for young people are available in gambling establishments, and also some schools and youth centers started having educational events about gambling and the dangers of it.

Not only potential vulnerable players should be educated and informed, but especially operators of gambling halls, restaurant owners and casino staff should be trained adequately.

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