Women in power

23 May 2015

The Global Gaming Woman or GGW is an initiative of the American Gaming Association, AGA to promote the success of female professionals in the international gaming industry. The result is the formation of a network, via the female gaming specialists that talk to each other freely about a variety of topics. In essence, the GGW will help the female gaming professionals to learn from each other and to form lasting connections. In the future, that is how women leaders will be promoted in the global gaming industry. The GGW currently contacts female professionals by means of a mentoring survey to raise awareness for their upcoming events and to benefit from their resources.

The GGW is not the only initiative that has set itself the task of helping female gaming professionals. The leading female members of the Gaming Awards (Awards TIG), a dedicated part of the International Gaming Awards (IGA) will be awarded in June for the sixth time. With help of the WIG Awards female team leader and their realisation has been awarded within the iGaming industry. Britt Boeskov, Unibet manager said that the caliber of the female opinion leader in the industry blew her off her feet. Isabelle Andres, the CEO of the Betclic Everest Group said in an interview with the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) that women need encouragement in the iGaming industry as compared to men, and she thinks that the mostly male dominated part of the industry can be intimidating at times. Andres spoke of barriers that she had to overcome on the way to her current position. She had to show repeatedly that they had understood the basics of the industry, she however hopes that this will change in the coming years. Organisations like GGW could help to make this happen.

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