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Will Paris get its own casino soon?

17 April 2015

At present time there doesn’t exist a casino in Paris , a city with 2.2 million inhabitant and 30 million tourists per year. Who is under the impression that you can gamble at “Casino de Paris” is wrong. There is no casino situated in the historical building in the centre of the French capital but a concert hall. No classical casinos with roulette tables, poker and slots because they are forbidden by law. It seems however that this will change in the near future since government is busy checking if Paris should once again get a casino. In fact there are poker and gambling halls in Paris but since 2008 8 out of 10 had to be closed due to scandals. According to a law from 1920 it is not allowed that casinos or gambling halls are operated within a radius of 100 km around Paris. However there exists one exception because the hot springs Enghien-les-Bains that is about 20 km north of Paris and is located at a lake is the top selling casino throughout France.

Casino Enghien-les-Bains

Frequently it’s not uncommon to observe up to 50 players waiting for a seat at the poker or roulette table. The public authorities are thinking of reforming the existing laws so that a new casino can be built. A feasibility study for a casino has been ordered by Jean-Pierre Duport and will be available end of April already. The current situation has led to illegal activities in France and therefore with the new laws the gambling offer should be controlled and become transparent. If Paris votes against the building of a casino then Roissy-en-France, which is situated in close proximity to the airport Charles de Gaulle and 20 minutes from the centre of Paris, will definitely get a new casino with a conference area but Paris would do without approx 30 million euro per year.

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