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Whimsical: Casino sued for misguided roulette ball

August, 4th 2015

It is known that Americans like to take someone to court and this mostly because of bizarre affairs. Even legal disputes between players and casinos are no rarity. Now, a case has emerged in which both are applicable. In Maryland, the Maryland Live! Casino was sued by one of its regulars; the gambler named Leander Stocks took the casino to court. He claims for damages for pain and suffering with an amount of $ 300,000. He asks for this amount of compensation for the troubles caused, which happened due to a misguided roulette ball. The incident took place about 1 ½ years ago, in December 2013. A croupier was a bit careless when throwing the ball into the roulette wheel and the ivory ball went out of the wheel and shot out, straight to the player Mr. Stocks that it met above the left eye. In the arraignment it is stated that he had so much pain that a very friendly security staff had to escort him into the washroom. Here the employee of the casino gave him special eye drops. Stocks used the drops, although it was not quite clear why since he was struck by the roulette ball above the eye. He stated that his condition rapidly deteriorated, his eyesight weakened and he saw everything more blurred, he had problems with the orientation and he complained more about an increasing pain. In addition, he suffered a concussion when he ran into a door because of these symptoms when he was about to leave the casino. He was even suffering for a much longer period from all of these discomforts. A doctor diagnosed him as a result of the incident, which he graded as a traumatic experience, additionally with post-traumatic headaches. Since this unfortunate incident significantly diminished his quality of life, he now wants the casino to pay for his pain and suffering $ 300,000.

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