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United Kingdom relies on secure iGaming

13 April 2015

Online gambling is currently the hot topic among the regulated markets in Europe . The United Kingdom is the latest country that is a step closer to a more secure iGaming climate. For a few months, after which a new tax and licensing system was implemented in the UK, tighter risk controls to which the players in the UK are exposed are being implemented.

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) now urges. Following a review of the existing system, the UKGC has suggested that operators could do more to minimize the risk of gambling addiction. The review, which took place in 2014, has a number of areas in which the industry should proceed exacerbated listed and addressed these issues in an updated version of the license conditions and codes of practice. This set of rules which each licensed online gambling site must hold in the UK, will be officially updated on May 8, after this operators have to put more emphasis on “social responsibility”. The chairman of the Gambling Commission, Philip Graf says to the fact that the target is a substantial strengthening of social responsibility.

He points out that there is a similar model in Sweden, which can be successfully taken as an example. Overall, the UKGC will undertake its licensed platforms to more transparency and expert help and support of the players at any time. Some of the most important measures in online gambling, which will come into force in the coming months, are measures to make it harder for minors to gamble online. Furthermore, improved self-exclusion measures and trained staff to help people with problems. Another point is a transparent marketing and the removal of the displays that could be considered misleading. Although creating a safe environment for iGaming for player in the UK is desirable, it could lead to the decline of online sales. Similar measures were implemented in Sweden, this has led to a slight decrease in annual revenue. After the integration of new measures for responsible gambling 2014 the revenue sank by 8 per cent. Whether the top operators in the UK lose sales remains to be seen; but it is clear that governments in regulated markets are more and more interested in the safety of players and should do investments for the future.

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