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Thrown out of casino because he won too high

08 September 2015

Dana White, the UFC president of the ultimate fighting championships, also known as “Boss of cage fighters”, has once again been hold up from playing at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. The reason? White had managed to win a lot of money for the liking of the casino bosses. Therefore, he was again banned from playing at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. When he had won nearly US $ 2 million while playing blackjack, he was asked by the casino management that he no longer continues to play and it was him, similar to a short time before Ben Afflek, that they accused of counting cards. During the game on May 21, his limit was also continuously reduced from $ 25,000 to $ 5,000 per hand. The 45-year-old Dana White is a smart businessman who has managed to earn a fortune with the brand UFC, which he is the chairman of since 2001.

He has made mixed martial arts become a real success story. These fights have millions of fans in Brazil and Asia and also in the US there is a enthusiasm for Cage Fighter and has long been obsolete for boxer. With a personal fortune of over hundreds of millions USD he can found quite often in the casinos of Vegas. Bets of $ 50,000 at a Blackjack table with one hand is not a big deal for White. He doesnt leave the casino by foot infrequently with black plastic bags full of money, which he just won. White put absolutely no effort in hiding his contempt for the Palms Casino and its action and he said in an interview that the casinos do not want him to play. They are all owned by hedge funds and corporations. They only want to maximize their profits and when one wins too many times, the player will simply be ushered out. Realistically there is only one place in town to play. That is Caesars. Here you can play the games, that you want to play. There is no messing around with borders.

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