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Wizard Of Odds Free

If you do have some experience playing in online casinos – and picking slots over other types of games of chance and card games such destinations offer – you most likely have heard of Novomatic, a slot games developer from Austria. The name might have been disguised as Novoline, which actually is the name of the pack, an integration platform Novomatic has created to deliver its content to the operators (read “online casinos”). Some of the titles in this pack are well-known to people who have been enjoying online slots for at least some time: Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot Quattro, Captain Venture, Flamenco Roses, Showgirls, Rainbow Reels to name a few. All those games have some theme backing the spinning reels. In case of the famous Book of Ra, for example, we are talking ancient Egypt with its pyramids and pharaohs, Flamenco Roses takes us to the hot and festive Spain, Showgirls is all about French cabarets and Rainbow Reels features a Leprechaun, native of the Green Isle of Ireland. But it is not only real-life countries and themes Novomatic has successfully used as backgrounds for its slot games. Some of them take you to a realm of magic. There you can meet the wizard, have much gambling fun and win money. One of such “unrealistic” titles of the Novoline pack is the Wizard of Odds slot game, which promises a journey to the land of magic full of bonuses (3 of them in this game) and riches (this one got a progressive jackpot!).

Wizard Of Odds Online Slot Of Novoline: The Gameplay

The Wizard of Odds slot game comes with nice graphics, animations and sounds. It certainly is not an eye candy as some more advanced titles you have in online casinos today are, those full of 3D pics and resembling action games more than slots sometimes. But this kind of staying in the “good old” league only makes the slot better, in fact. After all, if you know that this is a Novomatic’s game, and they usually are much fun, dynamic and well-balanced, you might consider the graphics and such secondary to the gameplay. All in all, Wizard of Odds is a more or less a classic slot game. It is a 5-reeler with 3 horizontal rows and 20 paylines, which does add some variety and pleasant surprises to the process. The minimal bet you can place in Wizard of Odds slot is 2 coins per line. Mind the “per line” remark here: your total bet would be different; it depends on the number of paylines you have active. For example, if you have all 20 paylines activated and your bet per line is 2, each spin costs 40 c for you. As you understand, the number of active paylines increases your chances of good winnings, but those chances are not given to you free of charge, you are actually paying for them. The interface of the Wizards of Odds video slot is standard for the games of the Novoline pack. There are your plus and minus buttons that let you increase and decrease the number of paylines that catch symbols of kind (hopefully), there is another pair of such buttons that you can change your bet per line with, there is the pay table summon button (the pays shown depend on your bet per line and change with it to let you know exactly what you can win with this or that bet), the Auto play that delegates starting spins to the machine. And there is the Gamble button, of course. A lot of Novomatic slot games have that Gamble function. Not all of them, true, but many. And it does make sense, actually: Gamble is a good routine breaker, it helps to keep the process of playing slots exciting. And it lets you double up your winnings, of course. The second option, though, is losing whatever the reels have left you with outright. In essence, Gamble is a minigame of the “guess the colour of the card” type. When a spin provides you with a win, you can collect the money won or risk them for a chance to double that amount. There is the second option of losing it all, however, and it makes the Gamble function of Novoline’s slots quite dangerous to those casual players who only expect good spirits from a game. It is good that you can only gamble with the coins brought by the latest spin only, otherwise the function would be way too dangerous for any sane player to use it. If you are in doubt about whether you should use the Gamble function or not, here is rule of thumb for you that many experience Novoline slots have adopted. If the reels bring low-ranking symbols to your paylines – the sum is below average – you can take the machine’s offer to gamble. When the spin is a good one, you have more than the average amount aiming to jump into your pocket, it would be wise not to risk the money and collect them. Thus, you guarantee yourself good wins and no disappointment that may be caused by losing the amounts that seemed to be already in your hands. Also, please note that turning the Auto play mode on you lose the ability to gamble. The machine will not offer you to double up or lose your winnings. Instead, it will click the “Collect” button for you each time a spin yields results.

Wizard Of Odds Video Slot Game: The Symbols

The Wizard of Odds slot has the traditional set of symbols on its reels. First, there are playing card denominations here: 10, J, Q, K and A. Then you have some symbols that are peculiar to this particular title: the orb, the slot’s logo, the wizard’s portrait, the staff, the cauldron, the wizard’s hat and the spell book. This is quite a lot for a slot game, but hey, the Wizard of Odds has three bonus features built into it. The symbols of the Wizard of Odds rank differently, of course. With the bet per line being 2 and all 20 paylines active (which means your total bet is 40), you can win the amounts as specified below.

  • The orb: 20,000 for 5 symbols on a payline, 2,000 for 4 symbols, 200 for 3. The orb is also the wild symbol in this game, the one which fills for other symbols in your winning combination.
  • The slot’s logo: 3,000 for 5 symbols on a payline, 1,200 for 4 symbols, 140 for 3.
  • The wizard’s portrait: 2,000 for 5 symbols on a payline, 800 for 4 symbols, 100 for 3.
  • The staff: 1,000 for 5 symbols on a payline, 200 for 4 symbols, 60 for 3.
  • Card symbols more or less follow their “weight” in typical card games, with A being the strongest (and getting the most money) and 10 being the lowest-ranking one.

The cauldron, the wizard’s hat and the spell book are all scatters triggering nice bonus features. And those bonus features are actually what make the game different. Especially the progressive jackpot.

Wizard Of Odds Online Slot Game: The Bonus Features

The bonus feature triggered by the cauldron symbol (three of them on reels 1, 3 and 5) is called the Cauldron bonus. It takes you to the Wizard’s shop where a big cauldron stands. What you need to do is choose one of six potions for the wizard to add to the cauldron. You get to do it several times, and each go adds money to your feature winnings. And if you are lucky enough to get the cauldron blow up, the progressive jackpot – typically a six figure sum – is yours. The wizard’s hat triggers the free spins round. When you land the hats on reels 2, 4 and 5, the machine lets you select a hat to learn the amount of free spins you are going to have, and next you have to pick another hat to see the multiplier for the free spins bonus round. The spell book feature is pretty simple. When the middle reel brings the spell book on your play field, it opens up, and while the leaves of the spell book are scrolling, the amount you are going to win is increasing. There is nothing you need to do about this feature.

Play Wizard Of Odds In The Stargames Online Casino

Stargames online casino is one of the internet gaming destinations that offers Novomatic products to its customers. The place is known to experienced players for the welcome bonus and continuous efforts to keep them interested through promotions, new titles added to the assortment and such. Signing up for an account at Stargames casino is simple, fast and free. In return, Stargames gives you 5,000 stars of “play money”. The stars let you walk around, see what is what before your deposit any real money and start having the real fun.

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