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The Winter Games Promotion At Casumo Online Casino

Well, while a number of weeks preceding Christmas mean a lot of fuss and ado for the masses, those who find pleasure in playing at online casinos ave much more at their plates. A rare internet gambling destination turns its back on the occasion and skips on the promotions. Most online casinos do offer their patrons something particular, something unique and tempting and potentially moneymaking. Casumo online casino is no exception: they have just launched the 2015 Winter Games promo, and you are invited to take part in those games regardless of your previous experience.

What you have to know about the Winter Games

The Winter Games at Casumo is a tournament spree: there is one starting every 30 minutes of every day, and each day ends with a main event that makes someone €1000 richer. The promo runs throughout December 2015, so while there is still time, you might not want to miss even the slightest part of this opportunity.

The winning in details

The tournaments are called Reel Races, and they are all about online slots. The only thing you need to do is just play, spin the reels, and win. For each win you get points, those are used to qualify and enter you into the day’s prize draw. A standard win gets you 5 points, a big win – that 15x or more your bet – yields 25 points, 3 wins in a row mean extra 25 points, and 3 big wins earn you another 75 points. If you are lucky enough to land a mega win – 30x or more your bet – you are up for 100 points.

Maybe you have soon €1.000 extra cash

All you need to do is browse to the Casumo online casino, sign up (if you have no account there at the moment) and agree to the promo’s conditions. That’s it! Watch for the Reel Races – they start every 30 minutes, remember, – and join them as soon as they open. And your day just might end with an extra €1000 in your pocket.

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