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The Ukrainian Gaming Congress on September 29

September 09, 2015

The Ukrainian Gaming Congress is supposed to take place on September 29, 2015 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Kiev which is another milestone in the development of gambling in the new states of the former Soviet Union. It is a significant event for the gaming industry of the Ukraine. The Congress will bring representatives of government agencies with casino managers and online providers and representatives from hotels and tourism together. International representatives from big international casinos, experts of the industry and lawyers are expected at the workshop to discuss the future of gambling and online gambling in the Ukraine. The Congress is organized by the Smile Expo, an international organizer of major business events. The Ukrainian Gaming Congress was scheduled for September, following the introduction of a significant change in the legislation, which was adopted in July this year. This was the legal basis for the organization of gambling, which is supposed to legalize gambling and regulate gaming activities in Ukraine. Therefore several major issues related to the legalization of gambling will be discussed at the conference and it is also the intention to submit these outcomes to the leadership of the country.

Relevant problems are concerning the question if games will be really legalized, what prospects there are in the future for legal providers and what will happen to the black market in the case of the regulation, how high the costs will be to obtain a license and what the tax burden will be? Will foreign bookmakers be allowed to establish themselves in the market and what will the online games be that are included in the regulations. Speakers at the conference will include Getmantsev Danil, president of the law firm of Jurimex and Autorvon textbooks, Dmitry Dragun from Baker Tilly Ukraine; Irina Sergiyenko, director of law firm Fomin, Sergienko and partners; Francesco Baranca of FederBet, a Belgian association, Seim. The basis of the Ukrainian Gaming Congress is certainly good, because the Ukrainian government has put the idea forward to legalize gambling and is very positive about it because it realizes that a regulation can bring high additional income and a positive effect on the economic growth in the crisis-ridden country.

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