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The random number generator is the core of online casinos

August, 17th 2015

The random number generator (RNG) is the core of any online casino. Without it, an online casino could not operate. The RNG is equipped with a complex software considering mathematics and probabilities to present the players a fair offer. The RNG ensures that numbers and events run as randomly as today’s technology is enabled to. The system used here is very complicated and only comprehensible with a recessed, mathematical understanding.

The RNG has to work in a way that chances of a win is not predictable for players. Lots of numbers in a certain series are needed to have a certain combination on the reels displayed to the player.

Due to the abundance of numbers, the probability of a slot machine win is very low for the player and actually based solely on luck and chance. The odds of winning on a slot are not predictable for the players. Operators benefit from this in regard to their customers. This so-called casino advantage is set per state and moves in a range between five and ten percent.

How likely someone wins on a slot machine can be calculated, but the probability of a single player winning at a slot after a certain time can not be predicted. Therefore slots should primarily be regarded as pleasure.

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