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The New Ace Ventura Slot From Playtech: Soon In Your Favourite Online Casino

Playtech, one of the leading developers of gambling software in the world – slots, bingo, poker, bets, – is actually well-known to the playing community as a company eager to turn a movie – or, rather, a theme generated by a hit movie – into a slot game. And they do it very well, you have to admit. Some of the great movie-inspired slot titles brought to you by Playtech are the Marvel series – The Avengers, Spider-Man Attack of the Green Goblin, The Incredible Hulk, Thor The Mighty Avenger, Iron Man 3, Wolverine etc. – and such games as The Mummy, The Sopranos, Cowboys & Aliens, Gladiator and Pink Panther.

Playtech has more for you

Picking pop culture icons as the source of backdrops for their games, smart folks at Playtech surely knew what they were doing: the supply here seems impossible to exhaust, though it is most likely that the company pays dearly for the rights to use the characters and such. But the investments seem to pay off well, because Playtech is at it again. The company has recently released a trailer for their new movie-inspired slot. This time we talk about Ace Ventura, the quirky pet detective that is the protagonist of a couple of great comedies.

The new slot starts in the new year

Planned to go live in January or February 2016, the new game from Playtech is a 5 reels, 3 rows slot with 243 ways to win. If you are a fan of the Jim Carey’s movie, this game is definitely a candidate to your list of the most loved slots. It contains footage from the motion picture and, which is probably more important for a slot game, pretty much all the infamous catchphrases the pet detective uses. The graphics in the game are superb, of course, and sometimes you feel it is more of an adventure than a slot game. In particular, when Ace Ventura walks across your reels in his own manner (and spreads wilds at the same time) and calls some jungle animals that bring random wilds and unexpectedly trigger re-spins.

Have a look

There is more to this new slot, of course, but it is better to see the trailer once than read the explanations a hundred times. Enjoy:

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