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The Christmas Is Already There At Betsafe Online Casino! 50 Offers For Each Day And £350,000 In Prizes

Betsafe Casino, a reputable and trustworthy online gaming establishment, is a real trendsetter when it comes to promotions linked to holidays and calendar. This time, Betsafe decided to launch the Christmas fever 50 days early. Earlier than its competition, that is for sure. In the run-up to one of the most beloved holidays on this planet, Betsafe online casino offers 50 daily prizes – i.e. there is something to win there each and every day there is before Christmas of 2015, – and some 350,000 pounds in assorted prizes.

The promotion is an opt-in promotion

Important: this is an opt-in kind of promotion, meaning you need to agree to participate and express your corresponding will by clicking/tapping the big red button on the Betsafe’s website. Otherwise you will not get the info on those daily promotions and miss all the fun there is to have entirely.

As for the prizes, there is something up for grabs every day at Betsafe online casino now. The typical example of a prize you might get is a popular gadget. What you need to do to enter the draw or gain points towards that prize differs from offer to offer, but all in all it boils down to intensifying your playing and spending more time at the Betsafe online casino.

You can win VIP prizes

There are also some VIP prizes at Betsafe, which imply the casino paying for your tickets to London and back, accommodation at a 4-star hotel in the capital of Great Britain, 250 pounds of pocket money and some great experiences to choose from: tickets to a Premier league football match, fly boarding, skydiving, helicopter flight over London. All for two persons, so do not forget to let your loved one know that there might be an unforgettable trip to London for you two in the nearest future.

Create your Betsafe account

Such promotions are the reasons enough to sign up for a Betsafe account, but that is not all, of course. The online casino lets you play all the popular titles from the best developers and goes a long way to guarantee satisfaction to every player visiting it. If you do not have an account with the casino, hurry up and get one while the promo lasts.

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