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Did you know that slot machines were actually invented as far back as closer to the final years of the 19th century? The first machines had a lever on the side that you had to pull to get the reels spinning, a purely mechanical process. Hence the name, actually, “one armed bandit”. The lever did produce the impression of a hand that you “shook” to play. Those machines were a kind of mechanical replacement for a poker table, a tribute to the progress, so to say. Back then the development of anything mechanical and powered fascinated people tremendously, and if mechanics met popular entertainment – gambling, game of chance, – you had a winner.

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Novoline Super Dice

As time passed, gambling was repressed more and more, and slot machines had to be moved somewhere where the authorities would not see them or brought to the specially designated zones where gambling was allowed. Neither the first option nor the second made playing slots available to the wide public, and that public was already hooked on the thrills the simple spinning reels provided. After all, taking chances is very much part of the human nature, a paradox with the self-preservation instinct (go figure why a lot of people risk their necks base-jumping and skydiving and freeriding today at their own free will). So slots were in demand, but the supply was short due to artificial constraints imposed by the authorities.

Enter the fruit slots. They were actually sort of vending machines. Those fruits, when lining up on a payline, announced what flavour the bubble gum the “player” would have. The player was just a buyer, of course, but not knowing what exactly you get out of the deal actually lured a lot of people to the fruit slots. They let you play the game of chance but it was quite innocent.

With time, one armed bandits lost their arms and got buttons instead. The real reels were replaced by their imitation shown on the screen and the mechanism spinning them by some code that randomized your chances to win. What the slots kept throughout the history of their development were the symbols, card denominations and fruits.

Novomatic, the Austrian slot games developer, has been making premium slot games for over 30 years now, so this company was one of those that kept the cards and fruits on the reels. When internet began disrupting the gambling industry – simply making the pleasant and exciting activity available to a massively greater number of people, – Novomatic kept up with the trend and began forging games for online casinos. But instead of solely coming up with new, original ideas only – which they do, of course, – the smart heads in Novomatic decided that they could draw upon their own experience of building software for those shiny standalone slot machines and introduce some classic titles to the world of online gambling.

And so Novomatic has compiled its marvellous slot products into the Novoline pack and enriched it with a number of slots that are classic to the core. One of the greatest titles in that classics series is the Super Dice slot game, all fruits and dice and bonuses and features.

Super Dice Online Slot Of Novoline: The Gameplay

All in all, Super Dice slot game by Novomatic is a very classic title. It has the 3 by 3 layout, meaning there are 3 reels here and 3 rows always in sight of the player. The general routine is pretty obvious: start the reels, watch them stop, see if you have any symbols matching and how much the machine is willing to pay you for that. There are 5 paylines here, not really a lot but, hey, it is a classic title.

What makes Super Dice an all-time hit is its simplicity and the ability to bear fruit (pun intended). 5 paylines on 3 reels might not seem to provide that much of a winning potential, but the game includes some features that up the ante considerably and aim to make it a great pastime for both beginners and experienced slot players alike.

Super Dice Online Slot Of Novoline: The Features

For a remake of an ages old classic title, Super Dice slot game does contain some number of features. First off, the Hold function. You can hold up to 2 reels for a chance to win with higher-ranking symbols landing on the only spinning reel. This comes quite handy when two of the reels deliver a couple or blue stars, red sevens or green water melons to a payline and a big win requires one more of them on the third reel.

Then, you have the Cash Unlimited bonus. See the stopwatch at the top right-hand corner? There is a figure there that changes randomly every time you spin the reels successfully. If you are lucky enough for the reels to bring three stopwatches to a payline in front of you, your credit increases by the figure that big stopwatch shows. A nice and always unexpected addition to the contents of your pockets. It is a game of chance!

Next up is the Dice feature. This one basically provides you with free spins. Have the reels’ land three dices for you, and you get to roll one to see how many free spins you get out of the machine. Naturally, the amount of free spins varies from 1 to 6. Regardless, what is great about the free spins feature of the Super Dice slot game is that every free spin you make wins. That’s right, you cannot have a blank, non-bearing spin when you do it for free. A very nice move, Novomatic.

And, of course, you have the Gamble function in Super Dice slot. Novomatic is known for adding this one to most of its products. There is a reason for that: gambling does entertain and spice up the going and offers you the real chance to try your luck. It is a mini-game of a “guess the colour of the card” type. You can double the amount the spin brought or lose it outright. Whatever you have won while guessing the card’s colour correctly can also be lost in a split second, there is no room for wrong guesses here. This particular option – losing – makes the Gamble function of the Super Dice slot game quite dangerous, actually. However, there is still a rule of thumb you might want to adopt for gambling: take the machine’s offer to gamble when the reels’ land low-ranking combinations to your paylines and refuse it when the spin brings some amount greater than the average. Thus you guarantee yourself good winnings and no disappointment from losing more than you expected.

Super Dice Slot Game: The Symbols

Super Dice is all about fruits and berries: the water melon (it is a berry!), grapes, plum, tangerine, lemon and cherries are all there on the reels. The non-fruit symbols here are the red seven, the blue star and the bell. The symbols of Super Dice’s reels rank differently, of course. With a bet of 40 coins, for example, having the reels’ land three identical symbols to a payline brings you the amounts described below.

  • The blue star, the red seven, the water melon: 1,000
  • The grapes: 800
  • The bell: 560
  • The plum: 400
  • The tangerine: 240
  • The lemon: 160
  • The cherry: 120

Although the top-tier symbols bring some noticeable profits, it is obvious that this game is a hunt for the features that it offers. They can bring you some real winnings, those you might not have expected from a simple game like Super Dice online slot.

Play Super Dice Video Slot by Novomatic In The Stargames Online Casino

One of the best online casinos you can enjoy the Super Dice slot title by Novomatic is the Stargames online casino. This internet gambling property offers all your favourite games of the Novoline pack – the famous Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot and Sizzling Hot Quattro, Dolphin’s Pearl, Bloody Love etc. – as well as slots developed by other companies bringing top quality gaming content to the market to satisfy all your online gambling needs.

For beginners and seasoned online slots players Stargames online casino offers some generous welcome bonus (typically, 100% match of your first deposit, more when a related promo is launched) and numerous other reasons to keep itself one of the top choices for those wishing to indulge in gambling online, including mobile version, various promotions organized with partners and regular additions to the assortment.

Signing up for an account at the Stargames online casino is fast, free and simple. Once you are there, logged in your account, you will see that you are now in possession of 5,000 stars, which are the “play money” in this internet casino. The stars let you try the games out and find those that make you tick, bring the most pleasure and return on investment. Next step is to deposit some real money – a hundred is a good start, and the casino, as mentioned above, will give you another hundred for all your spinning needs – and have some real fun playing Super Dice online slot and other great titles.

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