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Success news for Denmark’s Gaming Industry

05 September 2015

Denmark reports a strong increase in profits in the online gambling market. The growth of the online casino shows impressive values ​​in the country. This way revenue from online licensees increased over the previous year by a whopping 25%, according to the statistics of the Danish regulatory authority Spillemyndigheden. In comparison, the Danish provider achieve a web revenue in the size of DKK 335 million, or about 45.2 million €, the United States generated in this period only over $ 49.9 million, or € 44.77 million. In the three months of the last quarter sales reached on 30 June a value that is higher by 24% compared to the same period in the last year and 8% higher than the figures for the previous first quarter of 2015 . At this time, the revenue increased by 11% to DKK 805 M of the entire gambling market, including the land-based gambling.

The real casinos could also report a profit increase of about 6%. This revenue was generated by about 26,000 slots and casino machines that are available for players in the Danish amusement arcades and restaurants. For the majority of the profit the classic online games and slot machines were responsible. The values ​​for online poker have remained about the same. The earnings from the sports betting services in Denmark have reached DKK 470 million and an increase of the gain of almost 6% for the last quarter. Separate figures for the land based and online sports betting were not available in the report of Spillemyndigheden. The growth of the online casino industry is also supported by the popular online casinos in Denmark, such as the Tivoli Casino, attracting a lot of players not only from Denmark, but from around the world. The report unfortunately lacks a realistic assessment of the size of Denmark’s online black market.

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