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Study reveals what Online gamblers are really looking for – based on the Netherlands

22 July 2015

The Gaming Authority of the Netherlands has published a study revealing the preferences of the Dutch players. The results can for sure be used on other European markets. The interesting results show on the one hand, what adjustments are needed not only for the Dutch market, but they also give an insight about how players think about the market today. Interesting about that survey is the fact that the Dutch players seeking a higher level of security. If there is a Dutch license visible on the website of the operator then the acceptance will rise by + 17.4% in comparison to sites with no visible license. This shows that players tend to trust in their chosen operators and they care very much about the legality of the sites on which they like to play. Dutch players prefer a specific Dutch license as opposed to a transferred license from another EU country. Here, the rate amounts to + 4.7%.

Furthermore, not surprisingly is the fact that Dutch websites are preferred over English websites. This shows that players trust online websites in their native language more than foreign languages. The players even prefer it if the operator pays the taxes and they don’t have to cover any additional costs. This confirms that most people hate it when they see an extra fee displayed on the site. It seems therefore anyway best that operators absorb the cost of taxes. In addition to this it turns out that the players prefer to see warning signs on the website. The players show a sense of fair play and ethics and are not really afraid of stigmatisation. This seems obvious when you consider how most smokers do not even deter from warnings on the cigarette packages. The players seem to be smart enough that warnings are not intended as a deterrent, but rather a means of providing resources for problem gamblers. The Dutch players recognise the priority. All in all what they really want is to play in a safe environment. They need to be 100% sure their money is safe and they can trust the casino they are playing it. Especially when it comes to deposits and fast payouts. They want to be at ease and relax why escaping the real world for some great entertainment within the booming online gaming industry.

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