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Stronger competition in Liechtenstein

August, 16th 2015

A change in the law is believed to facilitate the situation in Liechtenstein with the plan of a new casino in Vaduz. It is also believed to make it more difficult for existing casino operators because those plans are going to create great rivalry on site.

Four years ago the gaming law became effective and there was suppose to be another casino in Liechtenstein. But because there was no decision made yet concerning the license procedure this casino does not exist yet.

With the change in legislation, it will now be made possible to grant even more applicants a license to operate a casino.

The plans around the proposed casino Liechtenstein still remain, however, the search for an appropriate operator is apparently starting over again. A decision about the planned liberalization should be made within this year.

If this decision for the change is made, then operators would have the chance to realise the casino plans next year.

While the government seems to be upbeat about the new plans, the operator seem to see this slightly different.

They see the danger of too much competition. As a result it could be that the social concept and players protection are at risk.

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