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State of California ipoker group forms coalition with PokerStars

22 June 2015

Numerous California based tribal casinos and card-rooms have teamed up with Amaya Gaming’s formidable PokerStars in a surge to launch an online coalition to promote a robust and open online poker market once the State of California legislation regulates online gambling. These emerging poker groups consist of the Commerce, Bicycle and Hawaiian Gardens cardrooms who forms part of the “Californians for Responsible iPoker’ group.

The group has insisted on well regulated and protected open-market policies in which it’s committed to demonstrate high levels of consumer and operator value. Furthermore the “Californians for Responsible iPoker” coalition has published a comprehensive layout of policies that show cases its goals. Such policies includes access to trusted online poker brands, providing in-state regulation resident player benefits, the extension of California’s consumer protections regarding intrastate online poker and the requirement for all potential operators to be subjected to a full review process prior to being issued with an online gaming licence. In addition the coalition also published a discussion review which summarises the core ideology and comprehension to promote a firm understanding a regulated online gambling market. Some of the highlighted motivations under the discussion review by the coalition includes responsible gambling, prevention of underage gambling, and generating tax revenue and job creation for the State of California.

The US State of California are filled with excitement around online poker supporters at the moment, as the state legislation took the first step to regulate online gambling. The Assembly Governmental Organisation Committee (GO) voted unanimously in favour of advancing AB 431 bill. This vote simply places the gambling bill into the legislative steps and into consideration and moved out of the The Assembly Governmental Organisation Committee (GO). This is surely a significant victorious step for poker in the state of California, as it was uncertain that it would have sufficient support to progress to the legislative stage.

The Amaya Coalition Group commented saying: “Finalising the details of the legislation that will regulate California’s online poker marketplace still need to be worked out. So far, 2015 is different. Hard lines and tough talk have morphed into open minds and dialogue. All recent efforts underscores the momentum building to help ensure that California finally passes iPoker legislation.”

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