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A Casino! A Casino?

When you want to play a game of chance, try your luck and get some adrenaline into your blood, one of the options you have is going to a casino. However, a casino – and we speak about brick and mortar establishments – are not that easy to get into.

  • First, only a few people actually have a casino within a reasonable distance from their homes. By “reasonable distance” here we mean a trip of an hour or two, be it by car, train or plane.
  • Secondly, let’s face the reality: it takes a lot of money to go to a casino. You pay for the chips, you pay to play, and you literally pay to stay inside: the drinks and the refreshments you buy also leave a dent in your budget. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to spend a reasonable amount of money in a casino, unless you are unique, it will always be a bit (or a lot) more than you planned to spend.
  • Thirdly, the odds are against you. True, most people come to a casino only hoping to win, the primary goal of their visit is to have fun and satisfy the inner adrenaline junkie. However, the hope to win never leaves anyone playing in a casino, but… well, you know the routine, the house always wins, and otherwise there would not be such a thing as a casino.
  • Fourthly, as shiny and likable and designed to satisfy the casinos are, you might actually not like the experience of being there. Too loud, too dim or, on the contrary, too much light, too little space and aisles too narrow, too many people and they are not to your liking. The reasons may vary, the result will be the same: you will go home unsatisfied.
  • Fifthly, you and brick and mortar casinos might just be on the opposite sides of the spectrum. A perfect mismatch, if you allow. For an introvert, for example, a trip to a casino is a deed unthinkable of, and there are good reasons for that.

A Casino? An Internet Casino!

Compared to the regular, real-world brick and mortar casinos, online, or internet, or virtual casinos are a new entry in the humanity’s playbook. If the former were introduced to the lives of civilized societies as far back as in 1638 (in Venice, naturally, and under a beautiful name of Ridotto), the latter launched mere 20+ years ago. However, to date online gaming industry has only been developing and developing rapidly, attracting more and more players. And there are reasons for that.

  • First, it is really convenient. No need to go anywhere, grab your laptop (smartphone, tablet, you decide), get online and start playing. Simple as that.
  • Secondly, you actually save money in an online casino if you compare the cost of the experience to that of a brick and mortar establishment. And we are speaking noticeable sums here.
  • Thirdly, you have greater chances to win, and win big. Internet casinos tend to be more generous since they bear much less operation expenses. Moreover, randomizers and algorithmic “machines” are constantly audited by special bodies that oversee online casinos.
  • Fourthly, all on all, the gaming experience you get from playing in an online casino is yours to shape. You can enjoy a gaming evening in the cosy comfort of your own home or hit a noisy bar with your tablet. It is fully up to you.
  • Fifthly, online gambling may be safer. When you win, you get the money credited to your account and can withdraw them in a number of ways. One of the safest options is to pick a SEPA online casino to be able to get your money through this system.

And What Exactly Is Sepa?

Sepa is the acronym complied of the first letters of the phrase “Single Euro Payments Area”. The name is pretty self-descriptive. In 2008 the Area became official and binding to all the member states. Its primary purpose is to erase the difference between a national and an international money transfer in Europe. Moreover, SEPA prescribes zero commission on wiring money and 1 day turnover. In other words, if an entity sends you money, you will get exactly as much as has been sent on the next day.

True, SEPA applies to old-fashioned bank transfers, account to account, so why do casinos still offer this method of transaction?

SEPA Payments In Internet Casinos

The keyword here is safety. Wiring money is one of the safest ways to have them transferred from one account to another. The routine, it has been here for more than a hundred of years. As soon as people let telegraph into their lives, banks began to use it for their own purposes. Namely, to let each other know of this or that change in the state of this or that account.

SEPA pushes regular bank transfers to the new level. With fierce competition in the industry created by numerous electronic money transfer systems, SEPA keeps tried and reliable wiring afloat.

So What Is A Sepa Internet Casino

Quite simple, it is an online casino that has bank transfer as one of the transaction options and is headquartered in a European country that has joined the SEPA agreement. This agreement, as is mentioned above, prescribes next day execution of bank transfers, which means that the typical withdrawal delay will not be much greater than in case with some other payment options offered in internet casinos. And sometimes you just need the money you won at this particular account, the one, say, known to you only. In such a situation, SEPA transfer is a perfect solution: fast enough, more safe and reliable than most other methods.

Where do you find internet casinos that offer SEPA-powered payments? We have made a list of them for you.