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Self-test – Am I gambling addicted?

August, 20th 2015

Gambling attracts a lot of players. The chance to win big, the entertainment aspect as well as the atmosphere casinos are all factors that attract players magically. However, it simultaneously brings along a high risk of addiction. 200.000 people in Germany are gambling addicted. They love playing slots especially. Gambling in Germany is regulated, however, there are still a lot of illegal offerings because the country is earning money with it too.

Experts say that having one win often leads to addiction. A lot of addicts begin with a win and end in a financial ruin, the loss of family, friends and sometimes even in putting their own existence at risk.. Gambling addiction has to be taken seriously by operators, players and government.

Gambling addiction is often identified at a very late stage. There are certain factors indicating a vicious gaming behaviour such as increased deposits, repeated and unsuccessful attempts to control the game, a bad feeling when not playing free spins, lying to friends about their gaming behaviour and high debt.

As soon as a person can relate to those behaviours, he or she should seek somebody’s help. There are several services like where players can take a test to see if they are gambling addicted.

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