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Scandal about Casino affiliate program Revenue Jet

05. August 2015

The shutdown of the online affiliate program Revenue Jet by the American Justice unveiled some of the dangers of online gambling. The turnover of Revenue Jet affiliate programme seemed a clever combination of personalized service with quality casino brands as well as the use of quality tools and technologies, in order to gain a foothold in the online casino gambling market. If there is then a generous commission added, it seems that the ideal partner has been found. Revenue Jet offered a revenue share of 45% on 5 flexible payment options. Therefore Revenue Jet was marketed as an ideal affiliate model. But this Thursday, along with another affiliate program called Affactive, all turnovers from Revenue Jet and the other affiliate program was withdrawn and the owners of the two groups were arrested. These programs are now offline, and all former, current and future affiliate and players should be careful with their personal and financial information which they have passed on Affactive.

Involved in the scandal are Gery Shalon, 31, Ziv Orenstein, 40, and Joshua Samuel Aaron, 31, and someone else. These four people have already been arrested. A fifth suspect, Joshua S. Muel Aaron, still remains at large. All off them are accused by the SEC, a US authority participation in the “pump and dump”, a stock manipulation. Here penny stocks, meaning cheap stocks, are artificially inflated. Other FBI documents associate Shalon and Orenstein with the 2014 hacker attack on the major bank JP Morgan, where gigabytes were hacked by customer account information. Revenue Jet marketed casinos of very dubious reputation as Loco Panda, Classy Coin, Grand Parker and OnBling. Additional supposedly rogue casinos were owned by the suspects, which include Classy Coin, Begado, Rubin Royal, Slots of Fortune Grand Macau and Slots Jungle. It would be wise for the players of these casinos to take action and protect themselves and their data. The shutdown of the casinos should be seen as part of a larger financial conspiracy and a hacker attack on the JP Morgan Bank, which will be further investigated.

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