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Rumble In The Jungle Novoline

A lot of online slots built by Novomatic, the Austrian gambling products developer with a history of over 30 years, have some background that provoke interest in some things and events other than slots and that pleasant and exciting activity called online gaming. A very good example proving that statement is the famous, ever-popular Book of Ra slot series. The game is set against the backdrop of Ancient Egypt, a theme thrilling and mysterious, one that gave birth to numerous myths and legends, some of which actually draw upon real facts that are so fascinating they made it into made-up stories simply because it is very hard to believe they are true to life. Ancient Egypt proved to be quite a rich piece of soil for Novomatic and other slot games developers: The Austrian powerhouse, that has also been coding software that make the reels’ spin in the shiny land-based machines attracting thousands of players into brick and mortar casinos, is also to blame for such hit online slot games as Cleopatra and Anubix, and quite recently another major player of the slots market has released the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality game that was an instant hit.

Play Rumble In The Jungle Novoline Free

There are other examples. Take Rainbow Reels, for example. This one has a Leprechaun starring, and while many people know it is some kind of an evil gnome, his origins remain unclear to the masses. So this slot, while being fun and exciting to play, also provokes interest in the Green Isle (that would be Ireland) in some inquiring minds and they hit the internet to learn more about the creature and the rainbow and pot of gold story behind it and then some share his new interesting knowledge with their friends, which is great per se. Or, there is a set of slots by Novomatic exploiting the theme of Cinderella, and while this tale is well-known to pretty much anyone, a rare person knows that the tale itself, the gist, originated in the Ancient Egypt many centuries ago.

Yet another example is the Rumble in the Jungle online slot developed by Mazooma and included by Novomatic into the Novoline pack (that is how the company delivers its products to the operators, or online casinos, as you know them). The thing here is that it is not the game itself that stimulates the learning bug but the title: it is a rhyme, but behind that rhyme is also one of the greatest fights in the history of boxing, that which pitted Muhammad Ali against George Foreman in Zaire in October 1974. So now you know that slot games developers take what they are doing seriously and often put a second layer, or write between the lines, when building the entertainment products, you enjoy. On the other hand, there is nothing to connect the Rumble in the Jungle slot game with the great boxing event. It is all about the jungles, the features, the spinning reels and the progressive jackpot.

Rumble In The Jungle Video Slot Game By Novomatic: The Gameplay

Rumble in the Jungle online slot by Mazooma and Novomatic is a is 5-reeler with 3 rows and 20 paylines. Since it was developed not by Novomatic’s in-house designers and coders, the look and feel of this slot title differs from the famous Novomatic’s slots, so the experience you might have had with the company’s great products – the aforementioned Book of Ra series, Sizzling Hot, Dolphin’s Pearl etc., – might not be of much help here. However, slot games are rarely a rocket science, so the ins and outs of the Rumble in the Jungle slot will most likely be clear to you from the moment you step into the jungle.

The controls here are quite a typical set for an online slot game. You can launch the reels into spinning and stop them, or you can hit the Auto play button and tell the machine to do the spinning for you. You can increase and decrease the number of active paylines and do the same with your bet. Turn the music and sounds on and off, check the pay table. And switch to the gamble mode when applicable.

There are 20 paylines in Rumble in the Jungle slot game, and you can activate and deactivate them at will. The number of active paylines does matter, it affects your total spend a spin. For example, if your bet is 2 coins – the minimum – and you have all 20 paylines active, a spin costs you 40 c. Your winnings, at that, are naturally tied to the number of paylines active and your bet: the more of the former and the greater the latter, the more you can potentially win. The pay table you can summon with a click/tap on a namesake button is interactive: it shows the winning amount relative to your current bet.

Rumble In The Jungle Online Slot By Novomatic: The Gamble Feature

Although the Rumble in the Jungle slot game was not developed by Novomatic itself, it does feature the Gamble function. This one has long since proved it should be an integral part of pretty much any slot: gambling, risking, and pushing your luck to the limit is what makes most slot players excited and agitated. So when a slot machine offers to add some spice to the routine, people tend to take that offer.

Rumble in the Jungle slot offers you to gamble once the reels bring you a win. There are two options in such a situation: to gamble or to funnel the cash to your credit. When you decide to gamble, Rumble in the Jungle shows you a card the colour of which you have to guess. It is a “double up or lose it all situation”: you can gradually double the win or lose whatever the spin and successful guesses in the gamble session have yielded you.

Gamble certainly spices things up, but if you get more pleasure from winning them from losing, please use this function with care. There is a rule of thumb experienced players apply to the gamble feature of Novomatic and other slots: agree to the machine’s offer if the spin lands modest wins and refuse to gamble when the payline gets filled with some high-ranking symbols.

Please note that when you click the Auto play button, i.e. the machine does all the work, your wins go straight to your account. The slot will not offer you to gamble at all. Might be a good thing for the players that find gambling too seductive to turn down. As numerous other slots by Novomatic and other developers, the Rumble in the Jungle video slot game has the card denominations on the reels – 10, J, Q, K and A – and a number of symbols peculiar to this title solely: the game’s logo, the parrot, the monkey, the Jungle Spins symbol, the jungle flowers and the golden banana.

The symbols of the game rank differently; with a bet per line being 2 and 20 paylines active, you have the chances to win the amounts described below.

  • The jungle flowers is the highest ranking symbol. It yields 1,000 for 5 symbols on a payline, 400 for 4 symbols, 120 for 3 and 4 for 2. The flowers are also the wild symbol of the Rumble in the Jungle slot game.
  • The game’s logo: 500 for 5 symbols on a payline, 300 for 4 symbols, 100 for 3 and 4 for 2.
  • A and K: 300 for 5 symbols on a payline, 80 for 4 symbols, 20 for 3.
  • Q and J and 10: 160 for 5 symbols on a payline, 20 for 4 symbols, 10 for 3.

The other symbols you can find in the game – those that can only be found in the Rumble in the Jungle slot – are all scatters launching features. That goes for the parrot, the monkey, the Jungle Spins symbol. Have the machine land three of them on the reels and off you go to the corresponding feature. But the most desired symbol of this slot is the Golden Banana. The thing is, Rumble in the Jungle is a connected game, it is hooked into the “jackpot lake”, which means any player can win a progressive jackpot there (see the multidigit figure in the top right-hand corner of the screen). Three golden bananas on your reels and in your view, and your life changes forever.

Rumble In The Jungle Online Slot Game: The Features

There are three bonus features in the Rumble in the Jungle slot game: The Monkey Bonus, the Jungle Spins and the Pick a Parrot bonus.

  • The Monkey Bonus is a minigame that involves a monkey pulling a rope that sets three reels rolling. Whatever they bring gets counted on the table above the reels. This table shows the symbols and the multiplier applied to your bet when you collect three symbols of a kind. The feature ends when the reels bring you three banana skins.
  • The Jungle Spins bonus is a typical free spins round that provides you with another set of reels to spin – they only have blanks and wilds on them – and 5 free spins. With any luck, you can emerge from this feature with a considerable amount credited to your account.
  • The Pick a Parrot bonus is the simplest: three parrots visit your screen, you have to pick and click one and see the multiplier it hides. That multiplier is then applied to your bet.

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