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Revenues in Macau are decreasing

August, 11th 2015

Macau was causing a sensation in the past few years with its booming online casino business. Nowadays times are tougher in Chinas former gambling megacity. The boom is coming to an end according to the falling numbers. The trend downwards started already in summer last year. After this year’s comparison, it was noticed that there was a decrease in revenue of 36.2%. In January 2013, the revenue was still 26.864 Mio. Macau-Pataca whereas in June 2015 the revenue is only 17.355 Mio. Macau-Pataca. Experts were assuming that this boom in Macau will last for a very long time, only now they are realising that those assumptions were wrong.

Government in Macau is now setting up a plan how to make Macau interesting for visitors without depending too much on the gambling industry. Offerings for families and middle classes are in their focus now. The concept has to be adapted to have a long-term achievement. Macau was such a successful asian gambling megacity because it was attracting many VIP players who spent high amounts of money there.

A first assumption of why the numbers are decreasing was the soccer world cup. But because of the fact that the numbers are still decreasing, it seems like because of the ongoing fight against corruption, which is lead by the government, the numbers are continuing to decrease. It is unclear if the new concepts are going to change the situation.

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