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Regulated gambling bill advances US state California into legislation

29 April 2015

The US State of California are filled with excitement around online poker supporters at the moment, as the state legislation took the first step to regulate online gambling. The Assembly Governmental Organisation Committee (GO) voted unanimously in favour of advancing AB 431, sponsored by assembly Adam Grey. This vote simply places the gambling bill into the legislative steps and into consideration and moved out of the The Assembly Governmental Organisation Committee (GO). This is surely a significant victorious step for poker in the state of California, as it was uncertain that it would have sufficient support to progress to the legislative stage.

The legislative vote was warmly received by the Amaya Coalition, which are online gambling industry giants including PokerStars, Amaya along with a number of other interested organisations. As this is indeed a milestone in place for authorising online gambling in California with the regulation of AB 431 bill, a spokesperson from the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee said: “While this is just the first step in what will be a long process, it’s still important. Never before has an online poker bill had anything more than an informational hearing, much less been voted upon and passed out of committee.” Hearings will be organised to further discuss the AB 431 bill in the months to follow, with the final hearing scheduled for the month of August 2015.

These scheduled hearings will be applied in part to accommodate the numerous questions and grey areas associated with the Bill, including what responsible role layouts are required in terms of legalised poker, fees and taxes.

The Amaya Coalition Group added: “Finalising the details of the legislation that will regulate California’s online poker marketplace still need to be worked out.”So far, 2015 is different. Hard lines and tough talk have morphed into open minds and dialogue. The vote today underscores the momentum building to help ensure that California finally passes iPoker legislation.”

Initial bills were filed by Reggie Jones-Sawyer and Mike Gatto and saw the recent addition filed in February 2015. The newly filed bill, AB 431 would ultimately provide the legislature, the governor, tribal governments, other online gaming entities, gaming technology service providers and members of the public the opportunity to convene with open, honest and thorough debate course on relevance of the regulated bill.

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