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Putin plans “Siberian Las Vegas”

July 30, 2015

Putin gambles again and puts € 3 billion dollar on a complex in Siberia. 16 Super-Casinos, a Yacht Club and Ski slope gamblers from the Far East are planned to be attracted. A new Casino City will open its doors on the eastern edge of Siberia in Russia soon. The Super-Casino City will feature shopping malls, hotels, a marina and a huge gambling zone. Putin hopes for High Roller from the Far East, because there are millions of Chinese, Japanese and Korean gamblers and for them the new casino Mecca coax is just a short flight away. Vladimir Putin hopes to attract players to the Siberian “Las Vegas” which will presents itself with ski slopes, shopping malls, hotels and a marina.

Players from all over Asia and the West are encouraged to visit the event location near Vladivostok, where temperatures drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius in winter. It is supposed to open a early as next month already. The Kreml potentate will try to make this neglected area of ​​his vast empire, which is seven time zones east of Moscow, attractive and to strengthen the Russian economy, which is on a roller coaster due to the low oil prices and the Western sanctions. He sees it as a safe bet, to tap into the lucrative market of the neighboring China, along with Japan and South Korea with the Russian glamor. The western players are also hoped to be fascinated by the new casino town. Croupiers are already trained for the opening of the first of 16 casino hotel complexes in the region Primorje Entertainment zone – situated 30 miles away from Vladivostok, the base of the Russian Pacific Navy fleet, and a city that has been closed to foreigners during the Cold War.

An experienced Scottish gaming operator, Craig Ballantyne, could be won as Chief Operating Officer. He sees the future very positively and thinks that there are 120 million gambling-crazy Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, who all live within two hours flight time from its current location. The Macau magnate Lawrence Ho gambling investment company Summit Ascent Holdings is in charge of the first casino complex, which will cost about € 320 million. It will start with 47 table games – five of them for VIPs – and 759 slot machines in a first phase, along with a hotel with 121 rooms. This will be expanded to 100 VIP gaming tables and 500 hotel rooms in the next decade. Other major casinos and hotel complexes are to be put into operation quickly in the coming years. Despite the rather modest start and despite inexplicable delays, Russia sees with the planned opening on August 28 the beginning of a full-fledged gambling metropolis that will bring huge revenue and employment into this troubled region.

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