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Process Phil Ivey – Borgotta casino, the cards have been destroyed

01 September 2015

This week it emerged that the Borgata Casino had destroyed the playing cards that have been used when the poker pro Phil Ivey and Cheng Yin Sun won $ 9.6 million while playing baccarat. These cards were considered as evidence in court and were required in this case, but the staff of the Borgata casino destroyed them after use in accordance with the policy of the casino. As previously reported, Mr. Ivey was sued by Borgata last year.

He was accused that he had knowingly played defective cards to get an advantage in baccarat, which usually has a house advantage of more than 1% in his favor and in this way to win higher. The suit of the casino claims that the players worked with a technique called “edge sorting”. With this technique they were able to know which cards would come, which gave them a distinct advantage in a number of high stakes gaming sessions, which went on over several months in 2013.

The Lawyers of the Atlantic City casinos are using this in response to a counterclaim that was introduced by Phil Ivey in the last month. Ivey says in the lawsuit that the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa destroyed the cards and it is therefore not possible for him to submit it as evidence to the court. The action turned also on the assertion that Borgata knew that cards were used, in which non-symmetrical cards in the manufacturing process of the native to Kansas City card manufacturer were produced. The asymmetrical design on the back of the cards allowed Ivy and Cheng Yin Sun to sort the cards to their advantage, as stated by the lawyers of Borgata. But the casino admits that Gemaco, Inc. delivers playing cards in a wrong cut fashion. The fault of the cards had to do with tiny white circles on the backs of the cards. These circles should look like the tips of diamonds, but the lawsuit alleges that some of the cards were cut incorrectly and therefore looked like half or quarter diamonds.

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