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Positive development of the Spanish online gambling market

August, 23rd 2015

Spain’s popularity of online gaming is rising steadily since the new regulation. After introducing online slots this year in Spain, online game providers have rapidly become successful amongst Spanish players. According to the Spanish online gaming regulatory La Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego, the number of users in online casinos increased from 2.200.000 to 3.900.000 in 2014 with 51,7% of active newcomers. There was a process of familiarization happening on the Spanish market and there is a lot of interesting information about the Spanish online gambling activities. For instance, the fact that the “average player” was registered 3.27 months, and 41.7 percent of the players were not participating in online gambling longer than a month. The challenge for operators is to keep customers but also prevent addiction or high losses. The most popular attractions in online casinos are the sports betting, which are used by 60.4% of the gamers, followed by Poker Tournaments, where 44.8% are active and 20.6% of the Spanish players play classic casino games such as roulette or blackjack excluded slot machines and 7.9% play bingo. The average player bets an average of € 7,769 and receives an average payout of 95.7%. Operators can only stay successful, if they can build a decent customer base with stable and steady growth.

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