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Borgata Casino takes Phil Ivey to court

July 26, 2015

Poker pro Phil Ivey now took the fight to Borgata casino in New Jersey for nearly $ 10 million for damage to his reputation. Approximately this sum he won in 2012 while playing baccarat with a controversial technique known as edge sorting. The casino claims that Ivey has knowingly benefited from a defect on the back of the cards and denied the payout of profits. After Crockfords, a swanky London casino, also kept Ivey $ 12 million-plus in profits because of similar charges, went to court and won, Borgata also sued him in April 2014. On Wednesday, the lawyers of Ivey and the co-accused Cheng Yin Sun put forward a counter-claim that a representative of the casino was aware that the playing cards had tolerances during the cutting and that Ivey had never touched the cards and that the grant of special needs of high-roller is by no means unusual. Furthermore, the plaintiff Borgata had neglected his duty of care, because the plaintiff Borgata knew that these playing cards had shortcomings and were still not withdrawn from circulation.

Ivey, represented by a spokesman, did not comment on it, but he has asserted that he is innocent in both cases namely Borgata and Crockfords again. In October last year a High Court in London ruled in favor of Crockfords, so that the casino could restrain the £ 7.7 million ($ 12.4 million), that Ivey won at Baccarat in May 2012. Ivey said in front of the court that it is not in his nature to cheat and he would never do anything to risk his reputation. This opinion was followed by the judge and he said that he was very confident that Mr. Ivey was not under the impression that what he did was fraud. He believes that what Ivey did was a legitimate strategy. During the objection of Ivey Judge Lord Lewison said that Ivey’s grounds for appeal have a real chance of success.

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