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What does a “PayPal casino” mean? Does it describe a casino operated by the largest online payment system in the world? Definitely not. PayPal has got some other fish to fry, gaming is not its business. Simply put, a PayPal casino is an online casino that lets you handle all your transactions – namely, depositing and withdrawing money, – with the help of PayPal. With us, people, trying to put a simple label on everything around, it should not come as a surprise that soon after internet casinos introduced PayPal to the set of transaction options offered to players the term “PayPal casino” was coined.

List Of PayPal Casinos

Today, it sounds pretty much mundane, but it took PayPal and online casinos some years to form this kind of alliance. There were some serious legal obstacles to the association that PayPal wished not and then could not overcome. But, as the story usually goes, a group of good lawyers sat down, studied the papers and found all the loopholes they needed to make PayPal and gaming look natural in a single sentence. Thus PayPal casinos became a reality. If you are looking for a PayPal casino, you have landed on the right page. We have done the running around for you and compiled the list of the best PayPal casinos the internet has to offer. They all offer PayPal as a transaction option, of course, but that is not all: those online casinos you will find on the list are trustworthy, which is quite important when it comes to online gambling. And it is not simply due to the fact that we did the research and checked the reputation of the internet casinos on the list ourselves. The point is, PayPal is very strict about legal aspects of business, and when you speak of online casinos you can multiply that level of strictness by two. So getting a title of “PayPal casino” requires transparency and flawless records from an online casino.

Why Choose A PayPal Casino?

Pretty much all online casinos let players never deposit any real money and still enjoy online slots, poker, roulette, baccarat etc. once you sign up for an account, you get a certain amount of “play money” for all your gaming needs. Usually, this amount is quite large to keep you trying out new games and coming back to the online casino. In fact, a lot of games – online video slots, for example, – can be played without even registration. Just land on the game’s page and start playing. Play money is a great thing, no doubt about it. But there is something voyeurism about it. You are kind of participating, it looks so for sure, but the end result of such your activity steadily approaches zero as the thrills and excitement you experienced at the outset slowly fade and you get bored. The only solution to this issue is to start investing real money into your gaming activities. That always raises the bar much higher and fills your bloodstream with adrenaline, and is it not what you expect from your affairs with online casinos? Now, there is always a number of ways offered by internet casinos for you to conveniently deposit money to your account. You can do that with a bank card (credit or debit), you can wire the money from your bank account, you can even write a kind of cheque to get into the “real money league”. There are more convenient options, of course, and PayPal is definitely one of them. More and more internet casinos integrate with the world’s largest online payment systems and get the title of PayPal casino. This proves that more and more people prefer this option of handling transaction with online casinos, since, at least in this case, it is the demand that drives the supply. And with PayPal being a banking establishment, it is regularly checked in the States and in EU for compliance with the regulations adopted to ensure the customers’ interests are observed in full. Currently, the system serves about 200,000,000 people all around the world.

PayPal Casino: Trustworthy, Easy-To-Use

The list that we have compiled for you contains each reputable, trustworthy PayPal casino that has been around for some time now to have gained its reputation. Also, we included information on the types of games you can play there and some particular titles that ring the bell for most experienced online casino players. This means you can easily find a PayPal casino that meets your own personal criteria. And why have numerous players opted to use PayPal as their primary method of transactions with an online casino? First off, it is simple. PayPal is known for its relentless and continued efforts to make the service as simple and easy-to-use as possible. Compared to the majority of other transaction options available to patrons of online casinos, PayPal is a breeze. Secondly, it is so popular that a lot of people who have ever shopped online are likely to have an account with PayPal. Thirdly, it is secure. PayPal casino means two lines of defence against the dangers of online, one provided by the casino itself and the other by PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account yet, it will not take you long to register for one. If only for your online gaming purposes, getting a PayPal account is worth the effort. With PayPal, you can replenish your casino’s account pretty much instantly, same goes for withdrawing your winnings. Once the casino has sent you the money you have won, the amount lands in your PayPal account and you can spend it any way you want from that moment on. In order to use everything PayPal has to offer, you have to go through the verification process. PayPal will charge you a small amount of money for that, and once done, you are eligible for much more than you would without verifying your identity. PayPal casinos do not make any use of the identity information you have provided to PayPal, so you can check all of the PayPal-enabled online gaming establishments and see which one works in your particular case.

Online Casinos vs. Brick And Mortar Casinos

If you have landed on this page, you most likely already have some gambling experience. Moreover, it is likely that you gained it online, and now you are looking for a more convenient, fast and secure method of handling money you and the casino exchange every now and then. In this case, look no further: a PayPal casino is a perfect solution and will most likely meet all your criteria and offer something on top of that. Another great thing about online casinos is the payout percentage. Generally speaking, it is the amount of money paid back to the players from the sums they have deposited and used while playing. Of course, not everyone returns the investment, with interest or not. Some players lose, some players win, everyone understands (or should understand, at least) the risks and knows what he or she in for. But if in the brick and mortar casino you don’t really expect to win much – it is the gaming allure, the thrills and the excitement that bring you there, – in an online casino (preferably a PayPal casino) you can actually win more than you deposited; your chances are good. Some of the internet casinos boast the payout percentage of up to 95 percent, which means that the casino only keeps some 5 percent of the money players bring it, a generosity unheard of in the world of gaming. There is a reason for that, of course: an online casino bears much less expenses than its regular brick and mortal counterpart, thus the difference. There also great bonuses and promotions that promise greater wins in a PayPal casino. Typically, all online casinos offer to double or at least add some more money to the first deposit you make. This means that you deposit, say, a hundred, your account gets twice as much, two hundreds. Of course, you cannot simply withdraw the extra hundred and pocket it, this is the money for you to bet. Special promotions mean you can have event more than that. Some of such promotions are triggered if you choose a particular payment option as your default choice for depositing and withdrawing money. So in a PayPal casino, picking PayPal over other options will land an even greater amount to your account than you expected. In case you were thinking online casinos cannot provide the same experience as the real thing, you are both right and wrong. Right, since with an online casino you are not actually surrounded by the splendour and live music and posh dresses. Wrong, since an online casino can give you much more. It lacks the unfortunate traits most offline casinos have – remote location, great costs to cover, unpredictable patrons and such – and offers a number of unique advantages: you can play anytime, anywhere, on any device you like, you have some much greater control over your expenditures, you can pick any game you like – and the variety is much greater online – and not wait a second to play it, you can win more money. And with a PayPal casino, you can get hold of your winnings much faster. Also, the technology continues to evolve and develop. There is a strong hand – hands, rather, – pushing virtual reality to the market now, which means that soon, sooner than you think, there will be virtual casinos available that will bring online gaming another step closer to a visit to an offline casino. In any casino, online and offline alike, loyalty pays both ways. For the gaming establishment, a number (the greater the better) of loyal players is a guarantee that it will not go out of business due to lack of revenue. For you, a loyalty program means anything from free drinks on Fridays to a private jet sent for you anytime you want to play. In an online PayPal casino there are no jets, of course, no need for them, but the bonuses you can get by registering as a loyal player may be equally great.