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Paris Hilton to advertise for an Online Casino

15 April 2015

Very soon Paris Hilton will be the face of an online gambling provider. Unfortunately the spots with the blonde IT girl staring will not show on German TV. Bgo is a British multichannel gambling provider that has been investing quite a lot in advertising its brand in the UK since it started in 2012. The UK TV audience should be familiar with the various TV spots of the operator in which the actor named Verne Troyer can be seen. He played the Mine Me in the Austin Powers movies. In the TV spots he is staring at the CEO of bgo and Paris Hilton is supposed to be acting in a new spot in May 2015.

Paris Hilton is known as a public figure and as the heiress of the world famous Hilton Hotels. She will add some star power to the trio Troyer and Dan Bilzerian (a professional poker player and investor). Bgo seems to appreciate the fact of hiring celebrities for its TV campaigns. Bgo co-founder Richard Skelhorn said that Paris Hilton has already made a name for herself as an outstanding poker and blackjack player. He also added that he always wanted to work with her. The script has already been finalised before the shoot starts at the W hotel in Los Angeles. Skelhorn hopes that by hiring Paris Hilton a new target market namely female player. Getting female players to gamble at an online casino turns out to be quite difficult for online gambling operators. However most of the times the IT girl is not really seen as a role model in the female world. Nevertheless bgo will still try and get the 21 Million fans that are following Paris on her Twitter and Facebook account to sign up. A few tweets and posts as well as shares should help increasing the views on YouTube. Paris already announced via the media that she is excited to work together with Verne Troyer.

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