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Online gaming trends for 2015

29 June 2015

The global surge and much anticipated growth in the online gaming industry has surpassed console gaming in 2015. Gaming has become more popular with mobile users of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices and gaming developers are taking advantage of this latest trend. Social media applications have enhanced gaming as most consumers have access to mobile devices and it has surely changed the demographics of gamers.

With user-friendly gaming platforms and variety of options from Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, bingo and many more, gaming developers have understood the need for flexibility and creativity to make gaming more accessible to audiences that previously were not associated with gaming. The online gaming shift will continue to grow into 2015 and beyond. Gaming developers and gaming operators look forward to the multitude of benefits and opportunities.

The increasing rapid online gaming growth will exceed its financial projections and is forecasted to reach U$86billion dollars in 2016. Gaming executives and developers have emphasised the importance of the right strategy to navigate technology to keep up with the ever growing demand of online gaming. Another factor to take into consideration is a recent wave of acquisition in the gaming industry, which have increasingly created substantial expansion in service and product deliverables.

In the current day most games are delivered digitally and are available in a multiplayer format. Games as a Service, or cloud gaming, allows gaming companies to provide regular updates, including new content, events or options for downloadable content (DLC). We have seen the new casino gaming enhanced platform where software solutions developers are now launching HTML5 suites. This requires ongoing management and makes a new game release seem more like the “starting line” for developers to continue updating the games. This type of game delivery requires a more sophisticated internet infrastructure with ultra-low latency to ensure a highly available game experience for users, regardless of location or device. Some gambling sites report increasing shares of their total revenues stemming from mobile and gambling search words, which are increasingly originating from mobile devices.

The shift to mobile online gaming distribution and broader global access to the Internet has encouraged gaming companies to expand beyond Americas and Europe. To maintain global appeal, online gaming software designers and operators are incorporating more diverse themes and genres into their games to attract worldwide audiences.

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