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Online gaming revenue falls in US state of Delaware

29 May 2015

Combined Delaware online casino gaming revenue has dropped significantly during the month of April 2015. Online gaming revenue totalled $132,000 dollars in the month of April, seeing a drop of 10% and 45% from when the market peaked at $240,800 dollars in April 2014. Online poker offerings have increased for 2015 to date, however revenue is down by 35% from previously reports to April 2014.

Delaware officials are aware of the substantial drop from the online casino arm and the current impact it is having on their overall revenue earnings to date for 2015 and causing concern as it is the worst for more than a year.

With April showing less revenue earnings than ever, operators have won just $15,600 dollars from online table games to date, less 70% than in the first quarter of 2015, making total activities the lowest since online gaming was initially regulated in the US state of Delaware in 2013. Offerings showing growth and strong figures are slots and video poker with revenue increase of $68,000 dollars up 34%.

Contrary to the second quarter of 2015, Delaware officials reported that operators in the US state’s regulated online gaming market showed month to month revenue increases in online poker -revenue earnings totalling a high of 26% in January and 25% in February. The Delaware market has been increased by the shared online poker network in Nevada, which would allow players in both states to connect and participate in online gaming activities.

The current revenue standings can be measured to the previously low revenue market standings of 2013 and 2014. Revenue from the US state’s online gaming market amounted to $184,898 dollars which showed a significant jump at the time. Although the figures is very low for the expected record monthly revenue earnings, analyst predict a sure shift in the online gaming environment which will perhaps reveal additional online gaming offerings taking preference to that of poker offerings. This is a clear indication that perhaps more focus should be streamlined toward other online gaming offerings such as Black jack, Roulette and Slots, which could mean revenue increases for the online gaming arm in the US state of Delaware.

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