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Online gambling is growing worldwide

02 July 2015

Gambling online is still a big issue. The EU market alone is approximately $ 14.7 billion worth it – and it continues to grow. This is also stated in the current report of the Hamburg based market research firm yStats that was published in early May. The statistics of the most powerful search engine in the world show the trends that are emerging in the online casino sector as well. The global online gaming and betting market as it currently is has been reviewed by yStats and for a proud amount of 950 euros the full report is available on the page. The quintessence is: The global online gambling continues to grow; new laws contribute and could still be implemented. The largest market is Europe – and this is not only due to the number of people who live there, but the fact that many governments have changed their legislation in recent years and have liberalised markets. Germany is unfortunately a negative exception. The situation is different in the US, the market that might be at first glance, the supposedly largest. There has been little liberalised, many online casinos even exclude US players. The website KeyToCasino estimates that 70 percent of all online casinos do not allow players from the United States to access online gambling. This makes the United States the worst country in the world when it comes to gambling on the Internet. By comparison, players from Iran deny only 30 percent of accesses to online casinos.

A billion-dollar market Business within the online gambling industry is worth billions. Experts from the American Gambling Commission estimate that it could generate $ 37 billion per year. 14.7 billion alone are generated in Europe, according to European Commission estimates. This makes online casinos the fastest growing sector with an annual growth of nearly 15 percent. The market will continue to grow, which is also confirmed by the report of yStats, as more and more countries jump on the train and on liberalizing gambling on the Internet. For example most recently Portugal, as well as the Netherlands did so. Many countries do it bit by bit – this was planned in Germany too, sports betting licenses were supposed to be given to foreign suppliers; so far without success – depending on which benefits the residents of States have. yStats has looked into it: While sports betting are leading in the UK, France and Spain, I n Italy for example, are more online casinos that lure the masses into the Internet.

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