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Online Casino shall not be liable for any loss!

8 April 2015

In a decision that was published on March 27, the Amsterdam District Court decided that gambling losses are non-refundable, even if they are generated on an unlicensed site. The court’s decision concerned an unnamed Dutch player who sued the Malta-based online gambling giant Betfair and demanded to get a refund of the amount of 170,000€ that he had lost at gambling and betting on the platform between June 2010 and January 2012. Although the court acknowledged that Unibet is in the Netherlands in conflict with the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act (Wet op de kansspelen), it was agreed on that the operator is not required to repay the players losses.

The court also recognized that concrete measures and restrictions were placed to avoid any gambling behaviors. The circumstances of the case that was investigated showed absolutely no wrongdoing by the Unibet’s page. The General Counsel of Unibet said in an interview that it would be the company that the legitimacy of their role and policy against gambling that was recognized by the court.

“On the one hand, we are pleased to see that the judge recognized that we are a trusted professional operator that takes every step with regards to responsible gaming and consumer protection,” said Keuleers. “On the other hand, there is also the current market conditions and the need to have an appropriate legal framework that is focused on customer needs. As long as the law does not update it there will not be a real structural solution, which is the best at the end for both the company, the consumer and the provider is, “he added in reference to the current Dutch law of online gambling.

The gambling law to regulate new online gambling and betting in the Netherlands, is expected to be discussed later this year. According to industry sources, there are rumors that the next law draft that is being created, is to lead a government-controlled market, with licenses that will be awarded to operators that fulfill a number of specific technical and financial requirements. H2 Gambling Capital assesses the Netherlands as the seventh largest EU gambling market based on gross income and predicts that generated in a controlled online environment in gross gaming revenue (GGR) will reach an amount of up to € 200 million in the first full fiscal year.

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