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PayPal, the world's largest payment system founded as far back as in 1998, is here to stay. Throughout its history, there likely wasn't a single year when it showed a decrease in the number of users. Today, over 170 million people around the globe use PayPal casually, without even thinking if the complexities of the system behind their daily transactions. And this is how a great product should work: the actual users not aware of anything but convenience it delivers. When you think of online gaming – spending and winning money in internet casinos offering slots, poker, roulette etc, – you expect the same level of convenience as with PayPal. After all, for the majority of people gaming is not a job, it is a form of entertainment that yields money every now and then. So it is quite natural that online casinos embrace PayPal and make use of all the handy services this payment system offers.

Got PayPal? Get On Board!

If your everyday habits and routines resemble those of millions of people around the world, you most likely have a PayPal account. Online stores, which put more and more pressure on brick and mortar retailers every year, see PayPal as one of the mainstays of their businesses. It is a system easy and simple to use both for the sellers and the buyers. So if you have the experience of shopping online, you most likely have a PayPal account already. In such a case, setting out in the world of gaming will be a breeze for you. Numerous internet casinos offer PayPal as one of the default money-handling methods, so you only have to specify your account when registering an account with one of PayPal casinos listed on this page and off you go. You now have a secure, fast and reliable carrier depositing money to your account and cashing out your wins.

Beware Of The Fraud

PayPal is great for gaming, it is secure, fast, reliable, but providing your PayPal account credentials – as well as any other money-related credentials, for that matter, – should be a well-considered act. Internet is a medium where there is a lot of fraudulent activity goes on. No doubt, at least once in the last 6 months you have heard news of some company loosing its customers database to a hack, and that the database had all the credit card details of each and every client listed. Typically, this ends badly for a number of people: they loose their money to the fraudsters. Of course, later on the banks reimburse the losses incurred and police steps in to shut off the valves, but it takes time and is unpleasant in every aspect. And then there are such sneaky thieves that do not drain accounts completely in one go but shave a dollar or two a week off the sum, which means it is very hard for the cardholder to notice something is wrong. So, whatever you do, never disclose your sensitive information to an untrusted site of any sort. Where do you find a list of trustworthy, serious PayPal casinos, you ask? Right here on this page.

Why Play Casino Games Online, Anyway?

Let’s start with the more general question: why play games of chance, anyway? Turns out, it is one of the ways for people that have most of their basic needs satisfied – food, shelter, survival, – to blow of steam. We, the human kind, are used to having a amount of adrenaline in our blood. Earlier – and we are talking really earlier here – it ensured survival: when you are alert, your reflexes are sharper, you notice a sabretoothed tiger before it lands on you and enjoys a meal. When we learned to group up and fortify our dwellings and collectively defend each other, the immediate survival problem was solved, but our bodies, being trained for thousands of years to produce adrenaline, do not change as quickly as our social structure does. Thus, we still need to take chances, and gambling is one of the ways to fill this need. Now, let’s compare traditional, offline gaming establishments and online casinos. The former, of course, have a number of advantages, which basically boil down to the pomp: brick and mortat casinos are luxurious recreational destinations that are designed to please you all around. With that come the drawbacks: it’s a destination, so you have to travel there, and the amount of money you can possibly spend there is unlimited. So unless you have like a ton of paper to burn, offline casinos are dangerous, especially if you easily grow obsessed and out of control. Online casinos, while not exactly providing the same sensual experience as their offline counterparts, are a safer option.

Gaming For The Masses

You might not like to be counted into the masses, but that is the reality that has to be faced. Every person is unique, true, but we all have much in common, hence the masses. One of the common traits is mentioned above: the need to take chances. And while offline casinos are a great solution here, not everyone and not always can use it. With online gambling, it is different. You don’t need to fly or drive anywhere. Leave your cozy pajamas on, there is no need for a suit or a fancy dress. The only thing you need is a a connected device and access to internet, which means you can also play on the run, bet while you commute or get a winning hand when waiting for your meal in a restaurant. And with the tech behind internet and the virtual part of the world in general developing rapidly, you may soon get as close to the offline casino experience as possible at internet casinos. There is a strong trend and determination shown by the world leading tech companies to invest heavily into virtual reality, and of course some online gaming establishments will be at the forefront to find use for the developments. Variety, The Spice Of Life: Numerous Games At Your Fingertips In Online Casinos The amount of games and their varieties you find in an internet casino is simply staggering. Most of them offer over 400 various games, and counting. In an offline casino, you need to move around when you grow tired of, say, roulette. You need to find a vacant slot machine or a seat at a poker table, which is not a simple task to solve in popular establishments. Online casinos, on the other hand, give you access to a greater assortment of your favourites and lets you try new flavours easily, without any hassle. And PayPal casinos make it even easier with the convenience of depositing money to your account and withdrawing your wins through this payment system. And consider this: online, you can play several different games simultaneously. A number of poker tables at once, for example. Or switching between slots, poker and roulette whenever you wish. Brick and mortar casinos do not even close to offering such possibilities.

Why A PayPal Online Casino?

Well, the answer is simple: because it is very, very convenient. Consider this: you have won several hundred euro playing slots – not a rare occasion, actually, – and you want to get hold of that money as fast as possible. While there are always other withdrawal options offered by online casinos, from e-wallets competing with PayPal, like Neteller and Moneybookers, to old-fashioned cheques, choosing a PayPal-enabled online gaming establishment you get to transfer your winnings to the account you actively use for your online shopping needs. No need to make any extra steps, cash out somehow and then deposit money to your PayPal account or transfer them there otherwise. You request a withdrawal and get what you won to the wallet where the money is readily available for spending. Want that new smartphone? You are in luck, you won some cash and now you can use that unexpected income and grant yourself that wish. Quickly and easily. Next, PayPal, having disrupted the payments industry in its early days and still being a real game-changer, continuously develops. Much of the development efforts go into fixing security issues and building up the means of protection of transactions and associated sensitive information. With PayPal you feel safe, and rightfully so. And if you don’t have a PayPal account yet, you can sign up for one in a matter of minutes. There is a reason to do that in the context of playing at online casinos, since some of them offer bonuses and incentives to those who choose PayPal as their default transaction option. Why? Because it is simple for them, too. You might also request some support from the casino of your choice. Most of them are well-known to provide superior support to their customers, competition being fierce and playing into the hands of players. With PayPal, money-related issues that may arise in any casino are solved fast, really fast.

Summing Up

PayPal is the worldwide leader when it comes to handling money online. It has a history, in many ways it has changed the way people deal with money. The system, currently used by over 170 million people all over the globe, offers unmatched convenience and simplicity and security. When choosing your first or next internet casino to enjoy games of chance at, consider those that offer PayPal as a preferred real money deposit/withdrawal option. Such an approach on the part of the casino guarantees it pays out fast and hassle-free. And you receive the money you win to the wallet you can “take out” and pay from in most online stores, which is great.