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Online Blackjack Rules

Regardless of your personal attitude towards gambling, it has always been around since our ancestors learned that they were actually social animals and grouping up means greater chances of survival. The first recorded reference to gambling can be traced as far back at to the ancient China of circa 2300 BC. And there is a good chance that one day archaeologists will dig out an even older prove of the fact that the majority of people are game for gambling, so to say. Almost all civilized societies on the plant had and have a penchant for game of chance. The wish to try your luck, do and see what happens when the result is unclear, is definitely triggered by this or that of our genes. Ancients Greeks, Romans, aristocrats of Elizabethan period, Russian czars, chiefs of Native American tribes and Shahs of India all enjoyed the game in this or that form.

Online Blackjack Rules

And whatever people enjoy can be the source of money for the entrepreneurial ones. So the human kind invented casinos, places where people could enjoy the thrills of the game in a safe environment and without having to partake in much more risky entertainment that encourages production of adrenaline. The first organized casino – a gambling business per se – was opened in Venice in 1638. It was called Ridotto. Ever since the industry has only been developing, and today, with the rise of online casinos, it is as strong as it has never been before. The word casino is of Italian origin (no surprise here); it is a derivative of the word casa, which means house. Casinos were not just gambling establishments. The places that got called casino could be retreat and recreation centers focused more on other types of socially accepted (and not, for that matter) entertainment activities than gambling. However, the wish to play, to gamble hardwired into people’s brains brought games to the forefront, and today a casino – online and offline – is first of all a gambling establishment. Much has changed since 1638. What hasn’t changed that much, however, is the games played in the casinos. The world still plays poker and roulette in its casinos, both offline and online. But the most popular casino game is Blackjack, also known as 21. The undisputed all-time favorite. A simple card game where the aim is to beat the dealer by accruing cards to the value of 21. Or is it really that simple?

The Never-Aging Blackjack: Facts And Rules

The key to the enduring success of Blackjack both online and offline lies in its simplicity and ease of play. So what is Blackjack? Let’s see some facts and rules.

  • It is a game that needs a deck of 52 cards.
  • In Blackjack, you compete with the dealer, not the other players.
  • The dealer serves players and himself alike, two cards each.
  • A player at the table must request more cards (hits) until he or she has 17 “points” or more.
  • Face cards – jacks, kings and queens – add ten points, ace can be either one or eleven, other cards add exactly their value.
  • The goal is to get 21 points, the “blackjack” combo, but it is not the only way to win, since at the end of the round the dealer may have over 21 (“bust”) or less than the player has got provided he did not add it up over 21.
  • If the player and dealer tie at the same score, it is a “push” and the player neither wins nor loses any money on the hand.
  • The ace, as mentioned above can be either one or eleven, as agreed by the players and the dealer. If an ace is 11, the hand is “soft” and the player cannot go bust by accepting an additional card. If an ace is one, the hand is “hard”.

Nothing really hard to grasp to the game make it a stable favorite of those acquiring the taste for gambling. But rookies are not the only ones who like blackjack…

How good is your memory?

For casinos both online and offline, blackjack is not just a game that brings people in. It can also be a source of loss, actually. As a card game, blackjack attracts players who are able to predict the course of the game and thus win large sums of money. They do it by counting cards and memorizing what was dealt and when. Card counters tend to have good mathematical skills and can calculate without pen and paper really quickly. A good memory is another mandatory thing for a counter. They keep track of which cards have been dealt and to whom, analyze the data and predict who has the upper hand, the player or the dealer. This allows card counters place greater bets with less risk. Although counting cards is not a crime, it is a practice which is largely disliked by gaming establishments for obvious reasons. Some casinos even put counters in the same league with downright cheaters and regularly ban players they suspect of the practice. Online Blackjack operators, on the other hand, have little to no chance to detect a counter: they cannot observe the players to check for signs showing they are counting cards. However, this may be compensated for by the fact that in online Blackjack, the odds are automatically stacked slightly more in favour of the house than in an offline gaming establishment.

The Blackjack Showdown: Online Versus Offline

How different is the online blackjack experience from the offline casino one? Although online casinos aim to exactly simulate the live Blackjack experience, and the technology blurs the line more and more, there will always be differences. Online Blackjack is a software product, it relies on a Random Number Generator. This means there is no real dealer to deal cards, the player is competing against a machine, not a person, meaning that social interaction is missing from the game. Some players like it, some don’t, and some see do not think it matters that much. Although it should be noted that Blackjack dealers in offline casinos often keep players at the table with their charisma and personality. The fact that the house has a slight advantage in electronic games may also be seen as a disadvantage by the player. This one is offset by the pretty much constant audit casinos undergo. They have to provide information about their games to outside regulatory bodies and prove that their practices are fair and that players win a reasonable amount of time. The Undeniable Advantages Of Online Blackjack (And Online Gaming In General) There are, however, many advantages to online blackjack when you compare it to the offline counterpart. First off, the choice of online casinos is far greater than that of offline establishments. In fact, many players would like to experience the casino blackjack but have no resources to travel to a destination to their liking. Enter online casinos: hundreds to choose from without having to get up and go anywhere. And then, online means deals and bonuses and promotions, which again ups the player’s chances to win. Online Blackjack comes in a wide range of flavours. No offline casino can match that variety of rules, limits, side bet options etc. This really takes the boredom out of the game. Add the opportunity to simultaneously play at a number of tables or play blackjack and some other game at the same time and you have another vote for online blackjack. Though online gaming may lack some of the exclusive atmosphere the shiny offline gambling and entertainment centers boast, internet casinos are much less likely to milk irresponsible players dry. The thrills and excitement are there, all right, but the mind-blowing (in a bad way) environment that pushes people out of their typical boundaries is not. And the logs and reminders and bare figures always at hand also help people to keep it at bay and not blow any budgets. The game logs, actually, provide enough info to draw conclusions from and become a better, wiser player. Another advantage to online gaming for some players is the lack of noise and increased privacy. There are no other players around so you can fully concentrate on the game and own it, make it yours.

Live Online Blackjack – Bridging The Gap

Online casinos, recognising that some people miss the live experience, now offer many ways that let people play online and get as close to the casino blackjack atmosphere as possible. First, there are webcam feeds that enable internet casino patrons play against the live dealer and not a machine and see that live dealer every second of the game. Secondly, there are quite good artificial dealers out there, constructs that are powered by algorithms and heuristic code capable of even supporting a life-like conversation on a certain level. It is a surrogate, of course, but the systems get better and better. On the other hand, online blackjack today is a thing in itself. There are pros playing online blackjack exclusively, there are online blackjack tournaments aired live and enjoyed by thousands of people. Care to try online blackjack? We have got you covered.

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