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The Wild Thing video slot from Novomatic, the acclaimed and justly respected Austrian developer of games of chance with a great history, is a yet another jewel of the Novoline pack, the collection of slot classics and other titles that set standards for the entire online gambling industry. Available at the Stargames online casino, Wild Thing is a beautifully designed game with a twist, i.e. a couple of features that set it apart from other “spin the reel” games.

Play Novoline Wild Things Free

Wild Thing Online Slot From Novomatic: The Gameplay

Wild Thing is a 4 by 3 slot game, i.e. there are 4 reels there and 3 symbols on each are visible to you at any given moment. The set of symbols found on the reels of Wild Thing is almost the usual one: you have stars, red sevens there, bells, grapes, water melon, plum. The unique symbols of the Wild Thing online slot game are the Amazon looking at you daringly from behind the reeds. And, of course, there is a wild symbol in the game, which simply cries out its name and bears some mean claws that tear the word apart when the wild adds to the winning combination.

All in all, there are 13 pay lines in the Wild Thing slot. The not quite usual solution implemented in the game is how those pay lines form. Five of them belong to the first three reels: 3 horizontal ones and 2 diagonals. Five other pay lines appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. They also are horizontal and diagonal. But the most profitable pay lines are those that run horizontally through all reels of the Wild Thing slot.

The symbol that brings you the most money in this game is the star. When you have the constellation of them on a pay line, you get 1,000 or 4,000 points. 4 red sevens give you 1,600 points, three of them hitting a pay line produce 400. If 4 water melons land on a pay line, you receive 800 points, 3 of them mean 300 points for you. Grapes and bells, when they come in fours, produce 320 points, and if you are only lucky enough to land three of them on a pay line, your profit is only 80. The plum is a lowest ranking symbol in the Wild Thing online slot game. 4 plums, when they fall into proper positions, give you 160 points, three of them provide you with 40 points only.

The beautiful Amazon, as you might expect, gives you the gift of free spins. When you catch three Amazons on a pay line, you get 10 free spins. 4 Amazons are twice as good: the amount of spins that do not cost you a penny increases to 20. Of course, if one of the free spins you make yields more beauties, the number of times you can spin the reels free of charge replenishes accordingly. However, nothing lasts forever: the maximum amount of free spins in the Wild Thing video slot game you can get your hands on is 300. But reaching this limit is highly unlikely anyway, so no worries here.

The wild symbol, which literally spells “Wild”, is the sole property of the 4th reel. With the wilds, this slot game is actually quite generous: in case you have it on the screen but it does not close a pay line, the reel is blocked and the next time you only spin the left three reels, which plays into your hands nicely and increases the chances of winning considerably.

Wild Thing Video Slot From Novomatic: Double Or Nothing With The Gamble Feature

The Gamble feature can be said to be the trademark of the slot games Novomatic has packed into the Novoline set. If you have not yet encountered it in other slot games, the chance to gamble in the Wild Thing will definitely spice up the time you spend with this game.

Simply put, Gamble lets you double up your winnings. Or lose it all entirely, if Lady Luck turns her back on you. The Gamble feature in the Wild Thing video slot is quite the same as it is in other Novoline slot games. In order to have your winnings multiplied by two, you need to guess – guess correctly – the colour of the card that lies face down. Guess it right and you get twice as much as the reels bring you. Guess it wrong and the machine swallows up what you have won, leaving you with excitement only.

In order not to mix this excitement with grave disappointment, you might not want to gamble when the pay lines give you considerable winnings. Losing 40 p to the wring guess is nothing much to worry about, losing several thousand can hurt a lot. On the other hand, you can guess the colour of the card correctly and double the amount won. The chances are 50/50, risk it or not – the choice is yours to make.

Wild Thing Video Slot Game And The Stargames Online Casino: The Perfect Match

Novomatic, the Austrian games developer that has been setting standards for the industry for over 30 years now, has made many of its outstanding slot games for standalone slot machines. That means that you can play the classics and more original titles by Novomatic in pretty much any casino in the world. Brick and mortar casinos are great, shining establishments, and a trip to one is surely a great way to relax, fill yourself with new impressions and simply have some good time. The atmosphere created by most casinos in the world is luxurious and unique, everything there is designed to please the customer.

However, offline casinos have a number of inherent disadvantages. First off, they are pricey. A trip to a casino requires a good amount of cash, which means that most people simply cannot afford the pleasures of gambling as often as they might want to. Then, no matter how carefully you plan your trip and how strict you are about staying within the limit set, you are most likely to blow the budget allocated for gaming. With everything in a brick and mortar casino persuading you to play some more, it is very hard to resist the temptation. And, as paradoxical as it may sound, the typically loud sound environment of offline casinos and some of its patrons may spoil the pleasure and taint the experience. In spite of the efforts such gaming establishments invest into becoming the entertainment of choice for everyone, there are always people out there who like to play games of chance but cannot stand the casinos.

Online casinos, on the other hand, do not discriminate or judge. They are open to anyone of legal age. Moreover, you do not need to travel anywhere to enjoy a game or two in an online casino. A connected device of your choice – a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone – is all you need to play the Wild Thing video slot from Novomatic or any other game you like. But what is even more important and exciting about online casinos is that they actually offer you better chances of winning. Brick and mortar gaming establishments spend a lot of money on supporting their operations. The have huge bills to cover. Internet casinos only pay a fraction of those costs. This means they do not need to constantly make that much money, and so online casinos can offer their visitors better chances of winning.

And the choice of games in online casinos is staggering. There are literally hundreds of titles in pretty much any of them, Stargames casino included. Moreover, as opposed to a brick and mortar gaming establishment, Stargames lets you “try before you buy”. When you sign up for an account with this online casino, you get 5,000 “stars”, which are the play money. With those stars, you can play pretty much any game that strikes your fancy, Wild Thing slot included. It is a great way to get to know the games better, to comprehend the gameplay, its peculiarities, assess your chances. Once you have exhausted your amount of stars, you can request more from the casino.

Stargames Online Casino: The Money

But to really understand what gaming is and to have the fun associated with this leisure activity you would want to play on real money. As do most of its competitors, Stargames online casino offers those who place their first deposit a welcome bonus equal to the amount deposited up to a 100 Euro. This means that if you add a hundred to your account you get another hundred from the casino. The money can only be used to play games, of course.

As for the money handling options, Stargames offers all the most popular ones. To play Wild Thing video slot or any other game in this casino with real money, you can deposit the amount you want through such online payment systems as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill etc. Fast, safe and secure. For those who do not want to share any information with the casino, there is the Paysafecard option. True, you cannot withdraw your winnings through this system, but depositing money to your Stargames casino account with Paysafecard is convenient and quick.

Wild Thing Of Novoline: The One Slot Game That You Should Definitely Try

The Wild Thing slot game from Novomatic is a yet another great example of how reel games can and should be done. Not overly complicated and not exactly an outstanding product from the graphical point of view, this slot, with its unusual features, is quite addictive and fun to play. If you have not done that already, you should definitely give the Wild Thing reels a spin.

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