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Novoline Sizzling 6

The Sizzling 6 slot game, part of the Novoline package by Novomatic, is a marvellous video slot with 6 reels and 5 pay lines. Developed by the Austrian developer with a long and great history, Sizzling 6 slot features the all-time classic fruits, sevens, jokers and stars. This set of symbols adorning the reels, though quite limited, as some might think, actually offers a great number of ways for you to win money. Previously, this game was only available in Novoline casino, but this monopoly did not last very long and was broken by the Stargames casino, which also offers access to the addictive Sizzling slot game.

Play Novoline Sizzling 6 Free

Sizzling 6 By Novomatic: Look and Feel

Well, with the abundance of online slot games of all kinds challenging the action titles that traditionally lead the way when it comes to graphics and sound, Sizzling 6 of Novoline may look quite pale. But, as the well-known conventional wisdom states, tastes differ, and there are definitely a lot of players out there who actually prefer the juicy simplicity of Sizzling 6 and other Novomatic titles that follow the same graphical pattern.

And the graphics are not bad. There is nothing in this video slot game that would express its claims to look and feel like a novel product. On the contrary, Sizzling 6 deliberately stays in the league of classic games that are played both on the machines and online while essentially staying the same in both worlds.

There is music in this game, soft and fitting the atmosphere Sizzling 6 creates. The sounds are pretty classic, the most pleasant being those that announce your winnings, of course. And they can be plentiful.

Sizzling 6 By Novomatic: The Gameplay

With 6 reels and 5 pay lines, you can play Sizzling 6 with the minimum bet of .40, 8 for each pay line. The most wanted symbol to fall into one of the pay lines is 7, it shovels the most money in the direction of your account. Then comes the star, which is also the scatter. The next best thing is the melon, close to this berry (yes, water melon is a berry) is grapes. The fourth tier of symbols, it you consider them from the winnings potential point of view, comprises plum and tangerine, lemon and the cherry.

  • So, all in all, the pay table for the Sizzling 6 slot game from Novomatic is as follows.
  • Sevens: 6x – 40,000, 5x – 2,000, 4x – 640, 3x – 320.
  • Star: 6x – 8,000, 5x – 400, 3x – 120.
  • Water Melon: 6x – 4,800, 5x – 800, 4x – 320, 3x – 160.
  • Grapes: 6x – 2,400 5x – 400, 4x – 160, 3x – 80.
  • Plum and lemon, tangerine and cherry: 6x – 800, 5x – 200, 4x – 80, 3x – 40.

Star symbol is the scatter, and then there is joker, the widely (wildly?) smiling fool that is not fool in your game, since it replaces any symbol you might miss on your lucrative pay line. The joker can really make the difference between winning modestly and winning outrageously a lot of money.

Sizzling 6 By Novomatic: Gamble, Gamble, Gamble

Made to shine and lure and radiate the atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino, the Sizzling 6 slot game from the Novoline package is a game of chance, and of course there is the Gamble feature here, well-known to most players who have been getting their kicks from playing online and sometimes notorious for its ability to steal a big win in one split second.

Whenever you land a winning pay line, the machine offers you to gamble for a chance to double the money at stake. You can, of course, refuse and tell it to leave your cash alone and simply add it to your account. The choice is yours. Remember, the Gamble feature is a real chance to double up, greatly increase the amount you get from the game. If you decide to try your luck here, you need to correctly guess the colour of the card that lies face down in front of you. There is no room for mistake here, it is like the job of a mine sweeper: make a wring guess once and you are done, and so are your money the reels brought you a few seconds ago.

The rule of thumb here is to risk it when your winnings are not that big. True, it is a hell of a temptation to double up that 2,000 you might have won in one go, but imagine now that you do not double but simply lose it downright. There is nothing funny or exciting about it, unless you like suffering. So you might not want to push your luck any further and pocket winning greater than 80 or so.

Sizzling 6 Slot Game By Novomatic At Stargames Casino

Since Novomatic is the gaming company with a history, a lot of its creations – most of them, you might say, and pretty much all the classics, – are video slots installed into stand-alone, separate units also known as “one-armed bandits”. A rare slot machine nowadays has an arm (a lever, actually) attached to it, but the name remains in use. So, until recently Sizzling 6 slot game of Novoline could only be enjoyed in a brick and mortar gaming establishment. But the progress is unstoppable, and today you can enjoy this classic marvel of the Novomatic’s extensive range online.

The casino that grants you access to this slot game on the internet is the Stargames casino. It is one of those online gaming establishments that rarely needs further introduction. To those familiar with the online gambling world at least a little bit, the name says it all. Those who are only looking for a gaming website (complete with mobile apps, of course) to please the gamers in them should seriously consider the Stargames online casino. It has got quite a high pay-out rate, there are all your convenient transaction options, the pay-out times are short, there are always some promos and campaigns and prize draws organized by the casino and its partners.

Registering for an account with the Stargames online casino is quite simple. Just enter your email, invent a nickname for yourself and think up a good and secure password. The place is quite popular so you have to be creative about that nickname, all the fancy ones are already taken. Or just add some numbers to what you have come up with. And pay some good attention to the password. As secure as online casinos are, if someone hacks your computer or otherwise learns your casino account password, you might end up without any money on your deposit.

Once done, check your email, there will be a confirmation link there from the Stargames online casino. You have to click it and land on the confirmation page to finish the registration process.

Playing Sizzling 6 online promises greater winnings when compared to enjoying this slot game of the Novoline pack offline. This statement can actually be applied to all slots you find in online casinos. The point is, brick and mortar gaming establishments suffer from a great burden of operating expenses. They have hundreds and even thousands of people on their payrolls, they need to pay rent and/or cover utility charges, pay the property tax and a number of other taxes the governments ruling the territories those casinos operate in think are applicable to the gambling industry. An online casino does not have to put up with all that financial stress. Yes, the taxes are still high, but the payroll is not nearly as long and, in most cases, there is no rent to pay except for the office space, which comes at a much cheaper rate. The results? Less expenses, more gains, and, competing for customers, online casinos project those gains to them. All kinds of bonuses and increased chances to win are just a couple of forms this practice takes.

Sizzling 6 Game And Stargames Online Casino: There Is A Bonus Waiting For You

Almost any online slot game can be played free of charge, with the so-called “play money”. Sizzling 6 by Novomatic is no exception to this rule. Once you have registered at the Stargames online casino, you get 5,000 “stars” (the play money of Stargames) credited to your account. Use this amount to try the slots and games you get interested in.

Sizzling 6 is quite easy to find in the impressive list of slots Stargames online casino offers: they all are sorted in alphabetical order there. 5,000 stars is quite a lot for a slot game, but if you depleted this credit, you can always ask the casino to give you more play money. But, by the time you have exhausted the initial supply of stars, you might want to try playing with real money. This is where Stargames online casino steps out of its shoes to encourage you.

There is double up welcome bonus here, which means that the amount you deposit is doubled and your account gets twice as much as you have deposited. Add a hundred, get two hundred. Of course, you cannot withdraw the gift, it is there for your gaming pleasure. You can get an extra hundred when you decide to play Novoline’s Sizzling 6, but there is catch here: you have to play the game a hundred times to get that hundred. To get even and increase your chances of winning, you can have a hundred 1-Euro games, simple as that.

Important: the conditions are changing from time to time, so before you start playing the Sizzling 6 slot game, please at least scan through them. If you do, there will be no unpleasant surprises that could spoil your fun.

Stargames Online Casino: Convenient, Safe And Friendly

As probably any other online gaming establishment that is there to stay, Stargames online casino pays special attention to security issues. Whatever best solutions the online security industry has to offer, Stargames is there to put them to practice. So the transactions and your data are safe as cheese in the bank of Swiss.

Another important factor that sets mediocre internet casinos from the great ones is the amount of attention it pays to the gaming experience. Stargames, for one, offers all your favourite transaction options and let you play games on any connected device of your choice. As convenient as it gets.

And if you have any questions – winners typically do, – there is the support team at the Stargames online casino to answer them thoroughly and exhaustively. They are available 24/7 and reply within the shortest time possible.

So, if you decide it is high time for you to try the classic Sizzling 6 online slot game from Novomatic, head straight to the Stargames casino and enjoy and win with the spinning reels bearing your favourite fruits and berries and jokers and stars.

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