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Not your first day in the wonderful world of online slots? Than you surely know what Novoline is. Book of Ra and its variations, Rainbow Reels, Rumble in the Jungle, classics like Bullion Bars and Sizzling Hot (and its Quattro mod) – do those titles ring a bell? They all belong to Novoline, which is what a pack created by Novomatic is called. This pack is there to simplify delivery of such gambling content to you through the operators, known to you as online casinos. Novomatic is a well-known gambling products developer with a proven record. The company was established over 30 years ago in Austria. Ever since, Novomatic has been at the forefront of the gaming industry, settings standards and launching trends and never always trimming its sails to the wind. The Austrian slots powerhouse has been there when online casinos were not even conceived yet. The products that Novomatic created were – and are, for that matter, – powering the real “one armed bandits”, as the shiny slot machines that stand in rows in brick and mortar casinos are sometimes called.

Sharky from Novoline

You surely know where the name comes from, right? When the slot machines were purely mechanical – about a hundred years ago, believe it or not, – they had a lever you had to pull to launch the reels into a spinning frenzy.  As time went by, people invented transistors and devised a way to have them set up so they could be used to perform calculations. Thus there appeared computers, electronic machines that soon made it into the gambling industry – who would have doubted it? – and were put inside outrageously attractive housing to calculate spinning of reels that were brought on the screen. Naturally, you did not need a lever to pull in order to launch reels made of pixels, although there were and most likely still are some machines that have the “arm to shake” instead of buttons that are typical for current standalone slot machines. But the name – “one armed bandit” – followed slots like a shadow. The “bandit” part was added by those unlucky players who lost a lot to a slot machine and could not stop while the going was good. Luckily, there are not that many of such people, especially in the realm of online slots.


Why online slots are less of a bandit, you might wonder? That is pretty simple, in fact. Brick and mortar casinos have some mile-long bills to cover: payroll, electricity, water, rent, taxes, bonuses, more taxes, equipment, furniture, food and more taxes. Online casinos, on the other hand, make total use of their “virtuality”: they reside in some places where taxes are low for gambling establishments and need no extensive staff nor fancy buildings flooded in light and filled with sparkling fountains. With much, much smaller costs to cover, online casinos can be much, much more friendly to players, and they actually are. This friendliness takes the form of generosity and general rule to have slots adjusted in a way that players should win more often than in brick and mortar casinos.

Anyway, back to Novomatic. The company is responsible for some hit titles that not simply stay afloat in the increasingly competitive ocean but manage to grow more and more popular. The good example of that phenomenon is the already mentioned Book of Ra slot game, which has been introduced to the market quite a while ago but never fades into oblivion right up to this very moment.

But Book of Ra is not the only cool slot made by Novomatic. There are other titles, some of them maybe a bit of an underdog but still very interesting from the gameplay and winnings point of you. Sharky, the pirate-and-treasure slot game of the Novoline pack, is one of those.

Sharky Slot Game By Novomatic: The Gameplay

Sharky slot is a 5-reeler with 3 rows and 9 paylines. Provided you are not totally virgin when it comes to online slots and have played some of Novomatic’s slots – the aforementioned Book of Ra series, Sizzling Hot, Dolphin’s Pearl and other great titles – you will have no difficulties understanding what is what in the Sharky slot. The controls are quite a usual set: launch the spins with the Start button, increase and decrease the number of paylines active with plus and minus buttons and do the same with another pair of the same buttons for your bet per line, have the machine do the spinning for you with the Auto play button and risk your win with the Gamble button. You can also check the pay table and read through the rules there.

The number of active paylines affects how much you spend a spin: whatever figure is there in the Bet/Line field; it is multiplied by the number of paylines that are there to catch symbols the reels bring in front of you. Naturally, the more paylines are active the greater your chances to win more and more often, but, as you understand, those chances come at a price. With the minimum bet of 5 c, however, even with all paylines working for you the cost of a spin is not outrageous, so there is sense in keeping all of them active. However, you should definitely try and find your own pace in every slot game you play. There are folks out there who believe that decreasing the number of paylines pays off in the long run.

Sharky Video Slot By Novomatic: The Gamble Function

Gamble is a function that lets you double up the amount the reels have just brought you, or lose it at a blow. Adding Gamble to most of its slots, Novomatic seeks to break the routine of spinning and make the process of playing more exciting. And it works, for sure, although there are players who always skip on that opportunity, which is understandable: gambling ups the ante noticeably and does the same to risk involved.

Gamble lets you double the winnings, but the other option – 50/50 chance of getting either one, – is losing whatever the reels have brought you and what you might have won by guessing right before you fail once. That is right, no room for error with the Gamble function in Novoline slots: guess wrong and lose it all. The rule of thumb you might want to apply to your slot playing practice is to gamble if the spin lands you not that much of an amount and refuse to yield to the temptation to double up if your paylines get filled with some high-ranking symbols.

Note that when you delegate spinning to the machine – click the Auto play button – there is no Gambling for you. The wins go straight to your credit, period. So using the Auto play function might be a good solution for those who simply cannot resists the urge to gamble a decent win.

As most online and offline slot games do, Sharky slot of the Novoline pack features card denominations on the reels – 9, 10, J, Q and K – and some symbols peculiar to this Caribbean-themed title solely, namely: the pirate, the parrot, the cutlass, the treasure chest, the ship, the island and the compass.

The symbols of the game rank differently, as you understand. With a bet per line being 0.10 c and 9 paylines activated, you have the chances to win the amounts described below.

  • The pirate: 500 for 5 symbols on a payline, 100 for 4 symbols, 10 for 3, 0.50 for 2 and 0.20 for 1. The pirate is also the wild symbol of the Sharky slot game.
  • The parrot: 100 for 5 symbols on a payline, 25 for 4 symbols, 5 for 3.
  • The treasure chest: 50 for 5 symbols on a payline, 15 for 4 symbols, 2.5 for 3.
  • The cutlass: 25 for 5 symbols on a payline, 10 for 4 symbols, 2 for 3.
  • Q and K: 15 for 5 symbols on a payline, 5 for 4 symbols, 1 for 3.
  • J and 10: 10 for 5 symbols on a payline, 2 for 4 symbols, 0.5 for 3.
  • 9 is the same to J and 10, but you also get 0.20 for a couple of nines hitting your payline.
  • The Compass: 90 for 5 symbols on a payline, 18 for 4 symbols, 4.5 for 3.

The compass is the scatter symbol, as are the ship and the island. They open doors to the features of the Sharky slot.

There are two features in the Sharky online slot, one triggered by the compass and one by the combination of the ship and the island symbols. While compasses bring you typical random wins, the ship and island combination landed on reels 1 and 5 respectively, launches quiet and unusual free spins round.

The initial number of free spins you get is 10, and that can be retriggered: you receive 10 more free spins if during this bonus round the first and the fifth reels bring you another couple of ship and island. The best and the most interesting part begins when a reel delivers a ship. You instantly see a pirate descending from that ship to a rowboat and start rowing to the next reel. Each spin the pirate moves to the next reel, and he acts as a wild symbol. Moreover, sometimes the reels bring treasure chests, and if they stop in the vicinity of the pirate in the boat, he jumps out and swims to the chest to grab whatever is inside. The money the chests hold vary. But the pirate is not alone on those seas. There is a shark swimming out there that forces him to abandon the boat and swim for his life. He is not wild anymore and no treasure-taker.

This particular feature is quite unique from the gameplay point of view. And it also promises good wins, so if the Caribbean atmosphere is not a motivation for you, the Pirate feature is definitely worth spending some time playing the Sharky online slot game.

Play Sharky Video Slot At Stargames Online Casino

One of the great online casinos that offers to join the pirate on his quest for treasure in the Caribbean is the Stargames online casino. This place offers a 100% welcome bonus and there are always promotions and new releases to keep players interested. Also, the casino provides you with 5,000 stars, which are “play money” that let you try the games before depositing real money and starting to have real fun and collecting real wins.

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