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Novoline Rainbow King

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the world of gambling, Novomatic, the Austrian gaming products powerhouse, must be one of the world's most fertile developers. If you are not completely unfamiliar with online slots, you must have heard the titles of Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot Quattro, Flamenco Roses, Rumble in the Jungle and such. This level of productivity is well-grounded: the company has been developing software that powers standalone, shiny and jolly slot machines that stand in lines in brick and mortar casinos and lure thousands of players in. So when internet made its appearance and then developed rapidly, penetrated numerous routines and activities (seriously, how the hell did we live without email?) people now believe were never internet-free, including, of course, kinds of entertainment that imply gambling and indulging yourself in some exciting games of chance. Thus online casinos were born, and Novomatic was never lagging behind the trend. As those internet-based gaming establishments attracted thousands and thousands of players – online casinos are naturally easier to access than their brick and mortar, land-based counterparts, – Novomatic slapped together a pack of games the company has developed for slot machines and then successfully ported to formats suitable for online casinos, gave that pack the name of Novoline and started peddling it to operators. Operators, i.e. those who run online casinos, realized that Novomatic could not supply nothing of poor quality and gladly accepted the pack on-board. The Novoline pack has been growing ever since, Novomatic has been continuously adding new titles to the assortment. Some of them really stand out as advanced and novel, some tend to be classic to the bone. Regardless, each slot game by Novomatic – or its partners and subsidiaries, since Novoline includes games produced not just by Novomatic, – is definitely worth a spin. There are some titles there that might look and feel quite outdated, but the thrills and the wins they deliver constantly bring them to the top of various ratings. A good example is the Bullion Bars slot, which is your typical, really old-fashioned 3 by 3 slot… with 20 paylines. Guess what that means for your wins. Another good example of an old-looking slot that hides great winning potential is the Rainbow King. It is a colourful slot that resembles Rainbow Riches and Reel King at the same time, and the king is quite generous with some 95% average payout rate.

Rainbow King Online Slot Of Novoline: The Gameplay

Rainbow King’s overall design – sound and graphics – is a perfect match for the title. There is a rainbow there, of course, and a king, and a castle. The sound and the music contribute to the atmosphere really well, but, truth be told, can get tiresome, so you can always disable both of them.


All in all, Rainbow King is quite a classic slot game of the Novoline package. It is a 5-reeler with 3 horizontal rows and 20 paylines, so the process does imply some variety. The minimal bet you can place in this slot game is EUR 0.02 per line. The amount of active paylines determines both your spending and winnings. The more you bet per line, the greater your win will be and the more the spin costs you. For example, if you have all 20 paylines active and your bet per line is 0.02, each spin costs you 0.4 c. At that, if you hit the top combination – 5 wild jewels – your win is 10,000.

There are all the usual Novomatic slot controls here. You can launch the reels into spinning and stop them, or you can have the machine spinning the reels for you with the Auto play button. You can increase and decrease the number of active paylines and do the same with your bet per line. And there is the Gamble button, of course.

A lot of Novomatic slots have the Gamble function in board. Not all of them, truth be told, most. Gamble spices things up, that is the reason for its inclusion into majority of titles. And it offers some real chance to try your luck, push it to the limits and see just how benevolent Lady Luck is to you.

Essentially, Gamble is a minigame of the “guess the colour of the card” type. The machine offers you to gamble every time a spin results in a win for you. The second option is to safely collect the money, i.e. funnel the win into your account. Gambling does let you double up whatever you have won, but you can lose it all, for that matter, that is also a possibility. This possibility adds to the excitement but also increases the danger of leaving the spinning session disappointed.

There is a rule of thumb among experienced Novoline slots players you might want to try following in your practice: if the reels bring low-ranking symbols to your paylines – the sum you won is below average – take the machine’s offer and gamble. But when the spin is a really good one, you have more than average aiming for your credit, it would be wise not to risk the money and collect them. Thus, you guarantee yourself good wins and no disappointment that may come from losing the amounts that were already in your hands.

Rainbow King Video Slot Game: The Symbols&lt

Rainbow King I quite traditional when it comes to symbols on the reels. As you might know, those 10, J, Q, K and A in slot games are card denominations, and they are there because the first slot machines were offering some sort of mechanical (mechanized?) poker. Fruits are another story, but they are out of the Rainbow King online slot. There are also some symbols that are peculiar to this title only: the pot of gold (we are talking rainbow here, after all), a jewel, the rainbow king’s portrait, the crown and the castle. They rank as follows

  • The jewel: 5 of them on a payline multiply your bet per line by 500, 4 by 200, 3 by 60, 2 by 2. The jewel is also the wild symbol, it replaces all the card denominations and the pot of gold but stays clear of scatters.
  • The pot of gold: 5 of them on a payline multiply your bet per line by 250, 4 by 150, 3 by 60, 2 by 2.
  • A and K: 5 of the kind on a payline multiply your bet per line by 150, 4 by 50, 3 by 10.
  • Q, J and 10: 5 of them on a payline multiply your bet per line by 100, 4 by 10, 3 by 5.

The king’s portrait, the crown and the castle are all scatters, 3 or more of them on your screen and off you go to the promising features. While getting 5 jewels does bring you some riches – compared to your initial bet per line, that is, – it is rare luck to see them all on a payline, so features are something that really fill the Rainbow King online slot game with profits.

Rainbow King Online Slot Game By Novomatic: The Bonus Features

The three features of the Rainbow King slot of Novoline are the Rainbow King feature, the King Cash feature and the Cash Castle feature.

The rainbow king feature can be said to be the main attraction of the namesake slot game. It takes you out of the reels’ hall and into board and dice room where you roll that dice and move a piece on the board. Jewel squares give you a prize; Joker squares move you further. Landing on the Rainbow King square activates a mini slots game that can be played at the end of the game. Land on the ‘Take the Money’ square and the feature ends.

3 or more of the Castle scatter symbols trigger the classic “pick me” tombola bonus round. You simply select one of the scatters that helped you into the feature and it reveals the cash prize.

The crown – three or more on your reels – take you off the screen and into the crown hall with 12 crowns. You have to pick one and see how much that choice have brought you.

Play Rainbow Reels In The Stargames Online Casino

Stargames online casino has been around for sufficient time to have the right for the “trustworthy” and “respectable” and “paying” labels. Experienced players know the place to always keep them interested with promotions and new titles added to the assortment on a regular basis. New players are always happy to receive the 100% deposit match welcome bonus. Not really outstanding, a lot of online casinos have the same offer, but combined with other positive aspects of the casino – including the Novoline pack, – it is quite good.

Signing up for an account at Stargames casino is free, fast and simple. Once done, you find 5,000 stars of “play money” on your account. The stars allow you to look around, try the games before you deposit real money and start having real fun. Plus, it is a so-called PayPal casino, meaning you can use your PayPal account for transaction, which is very convenient and safe and secure.

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