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Novoline Lucky Rose

Ever been to the fortune teller's? Ever wished to have a beautiful gypsy tell you what the destiny has in stock for you? In fact, a lot of people wish they knew the future but are afraid to have it foretold. What if there is something terrible in those shadows that are still to come? What if the destiny is cruel and the only thing you need to expect is completely out of your control? Well, people differ. There are also those who do not believe in destiny whatsoever, they are standing firmly on the ground and are positively convinced that every step they make and every breath they take have never been written in no stars and all the actions they take are theirs, as are the consequences of those actions. For those playing slots in online casinos like you do the consequences may include grand wins and an unexpected kick that sets you flying into the world of stinking rich people (think “progressive jackpots in online slots” here). How is that possible, actually? Well, the key word here is “online”. Previously, slot machines – real standalone machines in shiny armour designed to lure players in and on – were only housed by brick and mortar casinos and some bars, before gambling was outlawed and pushed outside of reach of the masses for reasons authorities understood but those masses often fail to. Those brick and mortar gambling properties, being a marvel, pretty much each of them, that is for sure, are not just there for your entertainment. True, they provide some unique experiences, and reasonable (read “those who can stop playing before over drafting their accounts beyond any conceivable limits”) people can enjoy a trip to a land-based casino every now and then and enjoy it immensely, taking with them some bright and vivid impressions and – with any luck – some extra cash to patch the holes in their budgets those trips often result in.

Lucky Rose Online Slot

When internet penetrated our lives to the extent we actually stopped noticing it is there and take every utility it offers for granted, those thinking fresh in the gambling industry realized that the new medium, the new layer the has humanity added to its existence, possesses some great potential for them. They started launching online casinos, and it was a pretty much instant success. Turned out there were much more people in the world who wished to indulge in playing games of chance – and expected prove of the hypothesis – but never had a chance, money or time (or all of that combined) to take that trip to a brick and mortar casino. Mind you, in some countries gambling is outlawed completely, no special zones or anything of the kind.


So what makes online casinos – and slot games in online casinos in particular – pay more and more often than their brick and mortar counterparts? Minimized, optimized expenses, of course. Online casinos never have such looooong payrolls as land casinos do, they do not have to cover tons of bills and pay crazy taxes. This translates into an opportunity to save a lot, and operators of online casinos, understanding that they have to compete with brick and mortar establishments as well as each other, and that competition never grows less tense and literally violent, pass the savings on to their players in the form of better pay out rates.

But, unfortunately, even online, with all the predictive tech and data science coupled with machine learning – all buzzwords you might have heard from a geek or nerd known to you – you cannot know for sure when you are going to win and how much. You have to take your chances, risk, and, in fact, the excitement associated with the activity is exactly the number one reason a lot of people visit online casinos and play slot and other games in the first place. But would that not be nice to know the future of your gambling efforts? Is there a fortune teller capable of revealing that secret the future hides? Turns out, in a way, there is. Her name is Lucky Rose, and she runs the namesake slot machine, courtesy of Novomatic.

Lucky Rose Video Slot Game By Novomatic: The Gameplay

Lucky Rose is a 5-reeler with 3 rows and 10 paylines. If you have ever played other games by the Austrian gaming products powerhouse that calls itself Novomatic for 30+ years now – think of the Book of Ra series, Sizzling Hot, Dolphin’s Pearl and other great titles that keep going strong – the ins and outs of the Lucky Rose slot will present no difficulties for you. The controls here are the usual set. Launch the reels into spinning with the Start button (bottom right corner of the screen), have the machine do all the work with the Auto play button, increase and decrease the number of active paylines and do the same with your bet with the couple of +/- buttons.

10 paylines may not seem like much, but the pace the Lucky Rose slot goes at is quite fast, so having all of them active guarantees you will not nod your head drifting away into that pleasant nap. On the other hand, as is true for all the slots out there that rely on the paylines system, the more of them you have active the more money a spin costs you. For example, if your bet is 4 c – the minimum – and you have just 10 paylines to accept the symbols in the end of the spin, that spin costs you 40 c.

Lucky Rose Online Slot Game By Novomatic: The Gamble Feature

With some exceptions that are only there to prove the rule, Novomatic introduces the Gamble function into all its titles. Gamble is there to acutely remind you of the number one reason slots and other games of chance are there: gambling, risking, taking your chances and trying your luck. You might not realize it, but most likely that perspective of not knowing the outcome from the beginning is what makes you tick when you visit an online or a brick and mortar casino. Keep calm, it is nothing out of the ordinary, there are millions with the same itch out there.

Gamble in Lucky Rose is your chance to double whatever the reels have brought you in the last spin or lose it all. It is a 50/50 chance for both options. The game itself is a “guess the colour of the card” type. You have to correctly guess what colour is the card that lies face down in front of you. Doing that doubles the amount you won, and doing it again doubles the doubled amount and so forth. But guess it wrong once and you are out of the “gambling room” with no win at all.

This particular option – leaving the gamble room with no win at all – makes this function quite dangerous for those keen to get extremely disappointed with an unexpected loss. You will definitely work out your own rules for such situations, but the rule of thumb you might use is as follows: gamble if the spin brings you modest wins and turn the offer to gamble down when the payline gets filled with some high-ranking symbols.

Please note that when you kick back and let the machine spin the drums for you – click the Auto play button – you are not offered to gamble at all.

The symbols you find in the Lucky Rose online slot game are the usual set, i.e. card denominations – 10, J, Q, K and A – and those that are peculiar to the drums of this slot only. With Lucky Rose, the reels bring you the game’s logo, the Lucky Rose herself, her (lucky) earrings, the rose, a wagon and the crystal ball.

The top-ranking symbol is the game’s logo, 5 of them on a payline let you win as much as x1000 your bet per line. Next is the Lucky Rose, when she brings 5 of her identical sisters your bet per line grows by the factor of 500. Same is true for the Rose’s wagon, it shares the tier with Rose. Then you have the earrings and the rose, which make your bet per line multiply by 250 if you catch 5 of a kind to your payline. A and K in fives bring x150 multiplication, and Q, J and 10 mean x100 when landing in fives to your paylines.

The crystal orb is the wild symbol in Lucky Rose slot game and the scatter at the same time.

Free Spins Round At The Lucky Rose Slot Game By Novomatic

To launch the free spins round, you need the drums to bring you at least 3 crystal balls. When you get there, you have 12 free spins at your disposal.

There is a twist to the free spins bonus feature of the Lucky Rose slot game of Novoline. Before the spinning begins, Rose the gypsy fortune teller looks into the orb and sees there the three symbols that will take place on the reels for all your free spins. Thus, you are supposed to have more chances to land winning combinations. The choice of those symbols is up to Rose, i.e. the great random.

A nice touch is the possibility to retrigger the free spins and have 12 more of them added to your count. All you need to do is somehow make the drums bring 3 more orbs into view.

Play Lucky Rose Online Slot At Stargames Online Casino&lt

You want a session with Lucky Rose, you head straight to the Stargames online casino. This place offers some great welcome bonus and there are always some promotions to increase your chances of winning various things and perks and bonuses. Moreover, the hundreds of titles offered by the Stargames casino can be played with “play money”, which are stars. Essentially, you just need to register there and the casino gives you 5,000 stars. Those stars are a great thing when you want to simply spin the reels or get acquainted with what is on offer.

But playing for the real money is much more fun, of course. So once you run out of stars or simply are ready to have real, genuine fun, you can deposit some through a payment system of your choice, Stargames has quite a selection of transaction methods for your convenience.

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