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As it typically goes with any sphere of human activity that is there to stay, games in general and games of chance in particular have a set of examples that are considered to be classic. The latter are those that date back to the times when gambling and gaming was an offline-only activity, simply due to the fact that there was no online per se, at least no online casinos to speak of. Novomatic, one of the oldest games developers out there (set out on their journey through the world of gaming over 30 years ago), is one of the few companies currently active in the gaming industry that boasts the “pre-online” experience. In other words, this company has been making and continues to make games that come installed in slot machines lining up in brick and mortar casinos. There are a lot of them under the Novomatic's belt, and many of such games the company has ported to the world of online, offering online casino operators the great Novoline pack full of wonderful slot games. One of the members of this family is the classic Joker's Casino slot game. Available at the Stargames online casino, this simple but highly addictive 4-reeler will keep you spinning and winning for hours.

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Joker’s Casino Slot Game At The Stargames Casino

Stargames online casino is a great online gaming establishment that offers a wide range of gambling entertainment for the thrills-seeker in you. Once in, you can enjoy all-time favourite card games – numerous breeds of poker, baccarat, blackjack, – roulette of the most popular variations and, of course, video slot games.

The interesting solution in case of Stargames is that the casino lets you kind of spectate a bit, look around without actually touching anything. This way, you get acquainted with the selection it offers you, see the way the games are played in the casino, get comfortable with what few controls and menus there are.

But, if you are not a rookie and know your way around, you can register right from the porch and get your hands on the games. Registration at Stargames online casino is simple: enter your email, come up with a nickname (might take a number of tries), invent a good, strong password, click the link the casino sends you in a letter to the email you have specified to confirm that you are you and that you really are willing to register an account with Stargames, and you are all set. The time the process takes is probably the same it took you to read the previous sentence.

The Joker’s Casino online slot game loads quickly and comes with the 5,000 stars, which are the “play money” in the Stargames online casino, the amount the establishment provides you with so you could warm up and start playing. The minimum bet you can place in the Joker’s Casino slot is 40 stars, so 5,000 is quite an amount to learn the few ins and outs of the game. Stargames, by the way, has a lot more titles on the offer, and the stars you get at the outset can be spent playing pretty much all of them. And, if and when you run out of the play money, you can always request more from the casino.

However, usually playing with stars is fun for a brief period of time. You get the excitement, but there is no actual risk involved, you cannot lose or win anything more real than the play money which are of no use outside the Stargames online casino. This means that sooner or later you might want to invest some real-world cash into the game. It does change the things, this step. Once you start playing for real money you are in for quite a ride. You win, you lose, you win again, and there is always a jackpot around the corner luring you. But do not be in a hurry. You are here for pleasure, first and foremost.

Stargames, as the majority of other online casinos, offers a welcome bonus to new players: it doubles your deposit. If you put 10 Euro to your account, the sum landing there will be 20. Deposit a hundred and get two hundred. The extra money provided by the casino can only be used in games, you cannot simply withdraw the generous gift. But it does affect you journey through games: specifically, you have twice as many chances to win as you would have without the casino welcoming you and handing out some more cash to play with.

Joker’s Casino From Novoline At Stargames Online Casino: The Details

While many classic titles feature the 3 by 3 layout – 3 reels and 3 symbols brought into view on each with a spin, – Joker’s casino is a bit more complicated game. But it still is not as “heavy” as some modern titles are. Joker’s Casino slot game is a 4 by 3 game, i.e. there are 4 reels here but the number of symbols each spin produces on each reel is still 3.

The increased amount of reels is not the only thing that sets Joker’s Casino slot game apart from its classic “cousins”. Most of the slot games that survived the dawn of online gaming have also retained the low number of pay lines, which is typical for slot games developed years and years ago. Joker’s Casino, though belonging to the classic pack, boasts 54 pay lines, which is quite a lot. You can, of course, check the payable and the paying combinations in the game and see for yourself that this slot game is not there to fool you out of your money. On the contrary, it offers some good winning chances.

There are not many controls you can use in Joker’s Casino online slot game. Increase and decrease your bet with the plus and minus buttons placed around the display reflecting your current wager, turn sound on and off and switch the game into the full-screen mode to make your experience with the Joker’s Casino even more vivid.

The more important control buttons are the auto start, the gamble and the “put my money in my drawer” button.

The auto start button, as the name suggests shifts the game into automatic mode: the reels spin time and again on their own, you do not have to push the spin button. Whatever you win when playing in this automatic mode you get credited to your account, no gambling. You are free to increase and decrease your bet, however.

The gamble feature is a great addition to the game’s charm. It is an expected turn on the part of Novomatic, most of their slots classic slots offer more gambling than the slots themselves can produce. Simply put, it is a “double or nothing” situation. You get to play a guess game for a chance to win twice as much as the reels have brought you. Alternatively, you can lose it all faster than you snap your fingers. The choice is yours, but the rule of thumb is to resist the desire to gamble when the spin brings you significant amount of money and go for it when the winnings are not that great.

The deposit button, obviously, tells the game to leave your winnings alone and credit them to your account. It is an alternative to gamble, i.e. once you have won something with a spin, you can either gamble or simply keep the money.

Joker’s Casino Of Novoline: Symbols And Winnings

The symbols adorning the reels of the Joker’s Casino slot game are your all-time favourite fruits, bells, bar, joker and the mysterious Cretus. The latter, if there are three of it on the screen, provides you with 20-200 stars, but the exact amount is not fixed and selected by the machine each time you have those three Cretuses on your reels.

Three plums, tree bells, three oranges and three lemons all bring you 20 stars. Three melons and three grapes are a better combination: when they hit a pay line, expect the “income” of 40 stars. Three jokers or three sevens on the reels of Joker’s Casino mean 200 stars for you.

As described above, once you win any amount in the Joker’s Casino by Novomatic, you can either pocket the money or gamble. The gambling, which can double your winnings or take the money away from you entirely, is the “guess card’s colour” game. You can play it until you decide that there is too much at stake and call it a day, having the doubled or tripled or quadrupled amount credited to your account. It’s risky all right, but the gains can be impressive.

Joker’s Casino Of Novoline: A Great Game For An Online Gaming Trip

Joker’s Casino is quite simple, yet the gameplay is pretty dynamic. The 4 reels of the game and the 54 pay lines make you keep on spinning for quite some time in one go, winning some and losing some, may be. The Gamble feature, like in numerous other video slot games, spices things up and make the process even more exciting. Being of the classic breed, Joker’s Casino is a good choice for a player that know the insides of a brick and mortar gaming establishment, wants to enjoy a game of chance but does not really have the time or the resources to. Same is true for the other classic titles of the Novoline pack by Novomatic. They all look familiar to a player with some experience with standalone slot machines, the “one-armed bandits”, so the transition from visiting brick and mortar casinos to gaming online will be a breeze with such games.

If you have always wanted to once again feel the thrills of playing slots after you have once had the experience offline, go for the Stargames casino and classics like Joker’s Casino. You will definitely not be disappointed.

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