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Novomatic, the Austrian company that has been developing and supplying great games of chance since 1980, never pauses its development. Having set out as far back as 35 years ago, the company has evolved together with the entertainment market and to a great extent shaped the development of the latter. First, it was video slot machines widely spread throughout brick and mortar gaming establishments of all kinds and wildly popular with players. Next, as the age of online casinos dawned, Novomatic was among the first to support and encourage its growth and offer some of the best titles. Those titles are classics now, still popular as ever, and, of course, there are good reasons for that. Games by Novomatic – most part of the Novoline package, the system developed by the Austrians to facilitate integration of its content into the infrastructures of online casinos – are versatile, developed to please specific audiences and always of the highest quality. Each of them has something special to offer those fond of playing slots online.

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Inferno Of Novoline: Not Exactly Your Typical Slot Game

To some extent, you can say that the Inferno online slot game by Novomatic has been an experiment for the company. Why? Well, first off, look at the name of this slot. Inferno. A word that does not exactly bring positive associations and paint fun pictures. Still, the company went with this name, probably to attract attention first and then surprise the player with pretty “orthodox” 5 reels, 5 pay lines slot machine.

Secondly, the symbols and the background. The latter does justify the name of this online slot game: it is all fire and flames, burning brightly and warming up the atmosphere. The former, which actually comes as a surprise to many who expect something more “infernish” from the game, are your typical Bells (call them Blazing Bells, since it is Inferno), Plums, Limes, Oranges, Cherries, Grapes and even Crowns and Stars. Quite an unusual combination, right? Unless you like your fruits and berries fried over some intense open fire.

But this fire, again, in contrast to what your logic circuits may suggest, not only consumes and burns credits (read: your money) but also generates them (read: your winnings) for you. When you are lucky enough for the Inferno online slot machine to like you, that is.

Novoline’s Inferno Online Slot Game: The Keep It Simple Approach

Here is another experimental (even strange, you might say) trait of the Inferno slot game published by Novomatic: it is as simple as it gets. Bonus rounds? Never heard of them. Some built-in games? No, no reason to invest time and money into that kind of content. Free spins, may be? Nope, not a single one. At least a progressive jackpot? No, no, no. Well, wild symbols, surely there are such in this Inferno online slot game? Believe it or not, there are none.

Inferno is a “take it or leave it” offering. 5 reels, 5 pay lines, flames, fruits, berries, crowns and stars, that is pretty much it. No bonuses, no minigames, no chance to win millions, actually. But… The game still has a lot to offer, actually. It is a very balanced simple slot machine that does not put any extra strain on your brain struggling to figure out the correct timing to bet big in order to get more out of the slot. And this simplicity is pretty attractive in fact. You just bet and spin, look out for the crowns – they are scatters – and gamble every now and then.

Yes, there is the gamble feature in the Novoline’s Inferno slot game, Novomatic and Errel, developer of this machine, have at least given you that. As is true for the rest of the game, gambling in Inferno is pretty simple. You have to guess the colour of the card. If your guessing powers are outstanding, you can guess it correctly five times in row, each right guess doubling the money you are about to win. Or about to lose, since a single wrong guess results in the Inferno burning up all the credits you have managed to gain in that spin. It’s the gamble game, what else would you expect from it?

Novoline’s Inferno Online Slot Game: The Look And Feel

As mentioned above, the game is quite simple from the graphical point of view. It does not mean that it is unpleasant in any way. Inferno offers the kind of simplicity that is crisp and fresh, especially when you consider the symbols the game designers picked for the reels. The fruits and berries even carry water drops on their sides, and in spite of being outright cartoonish they can make you want to bite a tasty and juicy plum, for example. Is this really relevant to the game? Well, it definitely adds to the experience by introducing another sensory channel to the mix and triggering one more perception routine in your mind. How is that for an excitement-provoking mix?

Yeah, and if you though the fire in the background will be burning brightly, there is a disappointment waiting for you. The flames are static as the Rocks of Stonehenge. Still, they look nice and do their job of not distracting your attention from the spinning reels.

The sounds of Inferno are in perfect accord with the symbols on the reels. Classic dings and dongs, the kind you expect from a classic slot machine, no more, no less. Again, quite a contrast with the game’s title. Although some especially susceptible players might start hearing something else behind those dings and dongs.

Novoline’s Inferno Online Slot Game: The Winnings Potential

Naturally, in Inferno slot game by Novomatic you win the most money by lining up five identical symbols. The most lucrative symbol here is the star: you get five of them lining up in Inferno, you win 2,000 times your wager. With a bet of 40, that means the winning of 80,000. 4 stars multiply the bet by 200, 3 – by 20. The next best symbols in Inferno are the bell and the grapes. If the reels you spin bring you a line of those – 5 in one row – your wager will grow 100 times. 4 and 3 bells or grapes in a single horizontal line provide winnings that are smaller but still notable. Next in the Inferno’s pay table is the crown, 5 of which make your 40 c wager grow up to become 2,000 c. Fruits and cherries are the low-ranking symbols, the best you can get out of them is the x40 deal if you land 5 of a kind in a row. But cherries have something else to offer: even two of them in a pay line let you at least win your bet back.

All in all, the game acts fairly. If, by some strange chance, you have not a single line of 3 or 4 similar symbols but two of them, the machine will pay you the amount that corresponds to the win associated with the higher ranking symbols. Scatters help greatly all throughout the game, and they are not as rare as you might think.

Then, there is the Gamble feature. Once you have the reels bring you a winning combination, the Inferno slot game offers you to gamble for a chance to double what you have won. You can agree and try to guess the colour of the card, or you can disagree and get the winnings to your account. Important note here: if you let the game spin the reels for you – enable the auto spin feature – you are not getting any gamble opportunities.

Sometimes, you can face a glitch in the Inferno video slot game that actually plays in your hand. Might be the result of some combination setup or some server-side problems, this glitch lets you keep you bet, which essentially means you get to spin the reels for free. Talk about lack of the free spins bonus in Inferno slot game…

Novoline’s Inferno Online Slot Game: How To Win More?

Despite the total lack of bonuses in the Novoline’s Inferno slot game, you do have a chance for a jackpot there. Not a progressive one but still the decent amount of 80,000 Coins. But that is not all.

As may be truth about most simple online slot games, the key to bigger wins is the amount you bet. If you choose the safe path, betting the minimum of .40 c, what you get out of the game is mostly excitement and good spirits, as well as tickled luck. If, however, you want something more out of the Inferno slot game, you have to take your chances, risk it. It does not mean that each of your bets should be the worth a hundred. It just means that every now and then, you can and should increase your bet for a chance to multiply your winnings by a notable factor.

Playing At An Online Casino: Stay Sensible, Stay Within Your Limits, Stay Responsible

Regardless of the game of your choice or the specific online casino that you prefer to frequent, you need to understand that gambling types of entertainment require sensible and responsible approach. Online gaming establishments, as opposed to their brick and mortar counterparts, give you better chances to stay within the budgets you have allocated for gaming. Do not blow those budgets in the heat of a moment. Stay sensible. Stay within your limits. Stay responsible.

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