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Believe it or not, but slot machines have been around for quite some time now. In fact, that “quite some time” counts up to over a century. The first machines, of course, were purely mechanical: there was a lever protruding from the machine's side and you had to pull it to launch the reels – or the drums, whichever you prefer, – into spinning. That lever has actually produced the nickname of slot machines, the “one armed bandit”. The “bandit” part was most likely offered by those unlucky players who never could stop when Lady Luck was apparently turning her back on them, which made them lose more than they could have expected. The more official name – “slot machine” – seems to be based on the coin insertion routine: there was, and is, a slot in the apparatus for that. Anyway, the first slot machines had their drums covered with card denominations: 6 to 10, J to A. They offered players to take chances against them in a variation of poker. Obviously, to win, you wanted reels to bring you one of the winning combinations. Turned out people liked this type of entertainment that relates to gambling. Another factor contributing to the quickly growing popularity of slots was their mechanical nature. Back then, mechanics and automation of this or that kind was continually stepping into industries of all kinds, so the fascination of folks with everything that does something with a minor push from a man is perfectly understandable.

Golden 7 Slot Game Of Novoline: It Is All About The Lucky Seven

However, slot machines, together with other games of chance favoured by the masses, were quickly losing ground to regulations and restrictions imposed by the authorities on all levels. We all know the current state of the gambling industry offline: in some countries casinos are banned without exclusions, in others they are ghettoed into special gambling zones that are usually located in some remote, hard-to-reach areas. There were, and still are, quite understandable reasons for that: many people belong to the kind that added “bandit” to the slot machines’ nickname, i.e. they never know when to stop playing, cash out and call it a day while the going is still good. To prevent such folks from going bust in thousands – maybe tens of thousands even, – governments of many countries decided to make it hard to reach a property where you could gamble away.


But people have already fallen in love with slots, so keeping them away from that kind of entertainment was quite hard. Some entrepreneurial minds, then, devised a workaround for the limitations. They designed and made fruit machines, but they were made not for gambling but for selling. The very first fruit machines were vending bubble gum. You had fruit symbols on the drums, and you paid for the gum, and then you pulled the lever and whatever fruits lined up on the “payline” were those the flavour of which you had in your gum. Thus you still had a game of chance there, but it was perfectly legal, no losses or winnings involved, just the good old pay-to-buy routine with a twist.

The fruit symbols looked really nice on the reels, and they did more, as it turned out: they stimulated people to a) buy bubble gum and b) take their chances at least in this innocent way. Taking chances, if you take a look at the history of mankind, has always been there, paradoxically clashing with the basic instinct of self-preservation. And it is still there, of course: take a look at all those adepts of extreme variations of sports who put their lives at stake – take their chances, risk, – in exchange for an adrenaline surge.

So the slot machines, those lining up in brick and mortar casinos and letting you risk some money of yours in exchange for a chance to win more, as well as making time spent by them full of excitement and thrills, quickly got fruits on the reels. Nowadays, in the age of online casinos, most players always have a fruit machine on the list of their favourite slots. They all are derivatives of the games that were played on true one armed bandits in this or that way.

One of the companies that excels at reviving the traditional, classic games and bringing them online, is Novomatic. The company was established in Austria over 30 years ago, which means that that European gaming products powerhouse used to build software that powered offline slot machines, very popular in their time and seen in each bar and gallery that managed to acquire a gambling license, as well as in casinos, of course. So it comes as no surprise that with the rise of the internet Novomatic turned its attention to “porting” old games to the realm of online casinos. When you have this extensive experience, it is only natural that you wish to apply it.

The product Novomatic has made and is offering the operators, or online casinos, as you know them, is called Novoline. It is a set that includes many great games, some titles known to you for sure: Book of Ra series, Dolphin’s Pearl, Rumble of the Jungle, Rainbow Reels and such. Among the classics part of the Novoline pack is the Golden 7 slot game.

Golden 7 Online Slot Of Novoline: The Gameplay

Essentially, Golden 7 is a classic fruit machine, but there is a twist to this title, of course. If fruit machines as you expect them have only fruits on the drums, Golden 7 has a surprise for you: there are card symbols here as well as the fruits, and they actually rank pretty well and pay noticeable amounts when grouping on a payline.

From the slot type point of view, Golden 7 is a 5-reeler with 20 paylines. The general routine is no different from thousands of other slots out there: start the reels, watch them stop, see if you have any symbols matching on a payline and how much the machine is willing to pay you for that. With 20 paylines, smaller wins are not uncommon in Golden 7 online slot.

And, of course, there is the Gamble function in Golden 7 online slot. Novomatic made it a kind of their trademark feature: whenever you have a game by Novomatic, i.e. part of the Novoline pack, you expect it would have the Gamble function. Not all the games have it, though, there are slots designed by some Novomatic subsidiaries and affiliated developers that lack the opportunity to Gamble.

Gamble is your chance to double up the win the previous spin has brought. You have to guess the colour of the card that lies face down in front of you. Guess it correctly and see the amount you have won as a result of that lucky spin double up. Guess it correctly again, and that doubled up win will grow two-fold again. But guess it wrong once, and off you go out of the gamble mode and back to the spinning reels without a coin to remind you of the successful turn of events that was blown away by a single mistake.

This particular option – losing the amount won entirely – makes the Gamble function kind of unsafe. True, it spices things up, makes the going much more interesting, but the in the end you might get frustrated and irritated when you first win more than expected and then lose it. There is a rule of thumb experienced Novoline slots players apply to their practice. If the reels bring low-ranking symbols to your paylines – the sum you won is below average – go on and gamble when Golden 7 slot offers it. But when the spin is a really good one and you score more than the average, it would be wise not to risk the money and collect them. Thus, you guarantee yourself good wins and no disappointment that may come from losing the amounts that were already in your hands.

Golden 7 Video Slot Game: The Symbols

Golden 7 online slot of the Novoline pack is almost your traditional fruit machine, which means there are fruits on the reels: watermelon, plum, orange, cherry. The non-fruit symbols are the expected red seven, bell and bar plus the less expected Q and K of the non-fruit slot machines repertoire.

Three plums, oranges and cherries on a payline – left to right, starting from the left reel, – guarantee you a win of 50% of your total bet. When you have for of them on a payline, expect some minor profit, and five of a kind double the bet.

The bell and the watermelon belong to the next tier. When you have three of a kind – either three bells or three watermelons – falling to a payline, expect to receive as much as you have paid for the spin. Four of a kind on this tier bring twice as much as your total bet for the spin, and 5 of them result in you getting 500% of the bet.

K and Q, the card symbols, deliver even more money. Three of a kind – which is not really rare in this game – mean you have won twice your total bet. Have the reels’ land four identical Qs or Ks and the machine pays out five times your bet. To get ten times as much, have the drums bring 5 of a kind to a payline.

7 and Bar are the best, though. Coming to a payline in threes, they increase your bet 5-fold. But there is more, of course: that total bet is multiplied by 10 when there are 10 of them on your payline, and 5 of a kind bring the win of your bet multiplied by 25.

There is also the wild symbol in Golden 7 online slot – you can never miss or misinterpret it since it literally reads “wild” – and the golden 7 itself, which obviously gave the name to the game. When that one lands on your play field, which can only occur on drum 3, it replaces the Q and K symbols in the immediate vicinity into its clones, golden sevens, thus creating winning combinations.

So, all in all, the game promises gradual growth of your account with an occasional leap. Not any giant leap, mind you, but something less lucrative and less rare at that.

Play Golden 7 Video Slot by Novomatic In The Stargames Online Casino

One of the best places to enjoy the Golden 7 slot title by Novomatic is the Stargames online casino. There are all your favourite games of the Novoline pack there: Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot and Sizzling Hot Quattro, Dolphin’s Pearl, Bloody Love etc. For beginners and seasoned online slots players Stargames online casino offers some generous welcome bonus (100% match of your first deposit, more with a promo in the background) and various promotions organized with partners and regular additions to the assortment. Plus, Stargames online casino actually lets you play slots free of charge, using the play money. In such a case, you get no wins, of course, so once you are done getting acquainted with the place and the assortment, go on and deposit some real money and have some real fun there.

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