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Novoline Captain Venture

Novomatic is a gambling products developer with some great history. Established over 30 years ago in Austria, the company has been going strong on the gaming market ever since. Throughout its existence, Novomatic set standards and launched trends even before internet blossomed with numerous online casinos. The Austrian slots powerhouse was developing software that powered the real “one armed bandits”, as the slot machines are sometimes called as a tribute to times when they really had that one arm you had to pull to spin those reels. When online gambling was turning from a phenomenon to a fully-fledged industry, Novomatic joined the race and poured its extensive slots developing experience into the enterprise. The result was called Novoline, a pack of slots ported from shiny standalone slot machines you find in brick and mortar casinos and some new titles that were developed specifically for the audience of online casinos that integrated Novoline into their offering.

Play Novoline Captain Venture Free

Today, the developer is most probably best known for its Egypt-themed hit slot called the Book of Ra. It was such a success that Novomatic did not stop at one instalment but also released Book of Ra Deluxe, Book of Ra 6 (6 designating that this slot has 6 reels instead of 5, as the original Book of Ra slots do). Why was – and is – this game so popular? Probably because of the almost perfect balance the developers managed to achieve in this creation. There are also rumours that this particular game follows a certain pattern that can be cracked to reap great wins, and there are some “schemes to win at Book of Ra” you can find online. There is no scientifically clear and confirmed twice or trice proof that any of those schemes actually mean business, but many people follow them anyway. And you know the real reason why they do it? Because it is fun. Gambling itself, playing slots online is fun, and trying a “whispered” secret combination of moves and bets and spins in action is even more fun, it lets you feel part of a hush-hush group, a club open to few. But Book of Ra is definitely not the only hit game Novomatic produced. There is a number of classic titles that mimic the 3 by 3 slots dating back to the early 20th century, and there are more modern slots that have a rich background resonating with quite a number of players. For example, you have the Flamenco Roses for those fond of everything Spanish, or the Rainbow Reels with the Green Isle’s fold tale of Leprechaun in the backdrop, or the Showgirls slot that lets you touch the atmosphere of a French cabaret (think Moulin Rouge), or the Captain Venture game, the review of which you are now reading. Captain Venture is all about faring into seas and finding treasure. Everything in this game screams of high seas and awesome adventures, so if you feel a sailor in you wants to roam some slot seas and does not mind mediocre graphics – could be done better, Novomatic, although a credit should be given here for the sounds – Captain Venture is the slot of your choice for the next online gaming session.

Captain Venture Slot Game By Novomatic: The Gameplay

Captain Venture is 5-reeler with 3 rows and 10 paylines. If you ever had some experience with Novomatic’s slots – the aforementioned Book of Ra series, Sizzling Hot, Dolphin’s Pearl and other great titles that remain popular – the ins and outs of the Captain Venture slot machine will be clear to you from the moment you set sail in this game. There are all your usual controls here. You can launch the reels into spinning and stop them, or you can tell the machine to take the steering wheel and spin the reels for you (with the Auto play button), you can increase and decrease the number of active paylines and do the same with your bet, turn the music and sounds on and off, check the pay table and switch to the gamble mode. With the paylines, the routine is pretty standard. There are 10 paylines in Captain Venture, and you can activate and deactivate them at will. The number of active paylines affects how much you spend per a spin: your bet per line is multiplied by that number. For example, if your bet is 1 c – the minimum – and you have all 10 paylines active and waiting for symbols of kind to land on them in the end of the spin, that spin costs you 10 c. The more your bet per line is the more you can possibly win and the more your spin costs. The pay table you can summon with a click/tap on a namesake button is interactive, i.e. it shows the winning amount relative to your current bet. Typically, every online slots player finds a pace that suits him or her best. That goes for the number of paylines too. But in games that have less than 20 paylines it might not make such a big difference if you have 5 or 10 of them paid for, but from the point of view of winnings the difference can be huge. However, the game is your, as is the decision about the number of paylines catching the symbols of kind.

Captain Venture Video Slot By Novomatic: The Famous Gamble Feature

Novomatic tends to introduce the Gamble function to all of its titles. There are some exceptions, of course, but basically, if it comes from the Novoline pack, it includes the Gamble feature. And it does make sense, in fact: gambling, risking, taking your chances and pushing your luck to the limit is what makes patrons of online and brick and mortar casinos more excited and agitated, so when a slot machine offers to up the ante and thus add some spice to the routine, most take that offer. In Captain Venture slot game, as in other titles by Novomatic, the machine offers you to gamble once the reels bring you a win. You have two options there: to gamble or to collect the cash and add it to your credit. If you decide to gamble, Captain Venture has a surprise for you: there are no cards the colour of which you need to guess, as you might have expected if you have had any experience with Novoline slots. Here, you have a kind of ladder in front of you that leads to the grand gambling reward (calculated based on you bet per line, 5,000 for 1 c bet). One step of that ladder blinks rapidly, and you have to hit the button the moment it is lighted up. No use trying to catch that moment, simply wish for the best and click whenever you feel the whisper of Lady Luck. Gamble lets you double the winnings, but on the other hand, you can lose what the reels have brought you and what you might have won on the lower steps of the ladder to grand reward. It certainly spices things up, but if you get more pleasure from winning them from losing, please use this function with care. The rule of thumb you might want to apply to your slot playing practice is as follows: gamble if the spin lands your modest wins and turn the slot’s enticing offer down when the payline gets filled with some high-ranking symbols. Please note that when you let the machine do all the work – i.e., click the Auto play button – whatever the reels bring you goes straight to your account, the slot does not offer you to gamble at all. Might be a good solution for those who have hard time resisting the urge to gamble when the situation is not best for such an endeavour. As numerous other games by Novomatic, the Captain Venture video slot game has the card denominations on the reels – 9, 10, J, Q, K and A – and some symbols that belong solely to this title: The Captain himself, the wheel, the beautiful sea-faring girl, the first mate, the ship, the anchor and the map. The symbols of the game rank differently, of course. With a bet per line being 1 and 10 paylines activated, you have the chances to win the amounts described below.

  • The Captain: 10,000 for 5 symbols on a payline, 400 for 4 symbols, 50 for 3 and 10 for 2. The Captain is also the wild symbol of the Captain Venture slot game.
  • The wheel: 1,250 for 5 symbols on a payline, 200 for 4 symbols, 50 for 3 and 10 for 2.
  • The sea-faring girl and the first mate: 400 for 5 symbols on a payline, 80 for 4 symbols, 20 for 3, 2 for 2.
  • The ship: 300 for 5 symbols on a payline, 60 for 4 symbols, 15 for 3.
  • The anchor and the map: 200 for 5 symbols on a payline, 40 for 4 symbols, 15 for 3.
  • A and K: 100 for 5 symbols on a payline, 30 for 4 symbols, 10 for 3.
  • Q, J, and 10: 80 for 5 symbols on a payline, 15 for 4 symbols, 5 for 3.
  • 9 is the same to Q, J and 10, but it can also bring money when two nines land on a payline.

The wheel is also the scatter symbol, three of them (or more) open up the Bonus feature. This is the free spins round where you can get up to 20 free spins. Whatever you win during that round is multiplied by 4, and the Captain, which stays wild in the Bonus, makes it x8.

Play Captain Venture Video Slot At Stargames Online Casino

One of the great online casinos that offers to join the Captain and his crew at the Captain Venture online slot is the Stargames online casino. This internet gambling destination offers a 100% welcome bonus and there are always promotions and new releases to keep you interested. Also, the casino gives you “play money” that let you try the games offered before depositing real money and starting to have real fun and collecting real wins.

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