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Novoline Bullion Bars

If there is one company that does have a right to make a slot game like the Bullion Bars, it is definitely Novomatic. This slot games developer has been setting standards and trends for the entire online gambling industry for more than 30 years now. This means that Novomatic, the nowadays online gambling entertainment powerhouse, was established when the slot machines were not online but offline, in brick and mortar casinos, shiny and tingling rows of them, and in smaller bars and pubs that managed to acquire a gaming license while they were still given out to regular recreational establishments situated anywhere and not solely in a designated area where gaming is allowed.

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Bullion Bars By Novomatic: A Very Classic Slot Game With A Very Interesting Twist

When the age of internet began and people realized that the new media could be used not to just quickly exchange information but to publish and find information and, a bit later, get entertained, casinos and other companies that worked close to the gambling sector created the online casinos industry. Novomatic was one of the pioneers, of course: with the experience it had building software for standalone one-armed bandits, it could only bring the best to the new sphere games of chance were conquering.

The Austrian company created a special package, called Novoline, and started filling it with slot games that through the package – integration – operators, or online casinos from the player’s perspective, were making available to the audience wishing to indulge in gambling. Internet, actually, made this dream come true for millions of people. Online casinos, though not exactly transferring the very atmosphere of their brick and mortar counterparts, do have some advantages that kept and still keep this industry developing rapidly.

First off, an online casino is open any time you wish to play. Most brick and mortar casinos operate on the same 24/7 schedule, but can you enter one without actually going anywhere, staying at home or anywhere else you like, for that matter? And not spend hours (and hundreds to thousands) on the flight or drive but get there within several seconds? No brick and mortar casino is capable of offering this kind of openness and accessibility, unless it has an online story developed atop of its experience, which is also quite a common and perfectly understandable practice nowadays.

Next, online casinos typically require much less money to burn than their brick and mortar counterparts. You do not spend on the road, the food and drinks come at a price you choose, there is no need to suit up and look fancy. No one is judging, no one is actually seeing you there. For those needing to stay anonymous or simply feeling introvertish but still wishing to get the excitement games of chance offer, online casino is a perfect solution.

And there are hundreds and thousands of games to choose from in online casinos, the assortment a brick and mortar establishment can rarely afford due to the purely physical constraints. There is a number of great slots developers that keep on adding more and more titles to the lines they upkeep for the online casino operators. But some slot games come from the past, literally, and Novomatic is one of the gaming products developers that excel in bringing such jewels to the world of online gambling. One of such slot games is the Bullion Bars, part of the Novoline package.

Bullion Bars Online Slot By Novoline: The Gameplay

What comes to your mind when you think of a classic slot game? Many will answer that this is a “one-armed bandit”, a standalone slot machine that has a lever you have to pull to start the reels. And there are three reels there, mechanical, and only three rows are seen to the player at any given moment of time. And there is just one pay line. And fruits, most likely. Fits your own description of a classic slot game?

Well, Bullion Bars video slot by Novoline is very much classic, and has got a very unclassical twist to it. The game is a 3-reeler with 3 horizontal rows always in sight, that is as classic as it gets. The routine is same hundreds of slot titles by pretty much any company that cares to create slot games: you spin the reels, the reels stop and some symbols fill the pay lines. Also quite classic. What makes the Bullion Bars online slot game really different from some other 3 by 3 classic slots is the amount of paylines. There are 20 of them here, believe it or not.

The minimal bet per line you can spin the reels of the Bullion Bars video slot is EUR 0.02, the maximum is EUR 1. This means that at EUR 0.02 your total bet – with 20 paylines active – is EUR 0.4, and if you are brave enough to bet the whole 1 Euro per line, your total bet is 20. This is quite risky, but with 20 paylines such a tactic just might pay off brilliantly.

The interface is quite standard, if not call it classic, as the game itself does belong to this group. There are plus and minus buttons to increase and decrease the bet, there is the Autoplay button that makes the reels’ spin without you having to click/tap the Start button. And you got the Gamble button, of course.

Bullion Bars Slot Game Of Novoline: The Gamble Function

Gambling is a function you often find in games by Novomatic. It is certainly fun and entertaining: you get to play a “guess the colour of the card” mini-game and really test your luck. As a result, you can double whatever the spin resulted in. On the other hand, you can lose the amount you have just won outright.

Thus, the Gamble function is great but actually risky. For a spin that yields no win you only pay what you expect to pay, and with gambling the situation is quite different. The result can be some unexpected frustration connected with losing more than you thought you would.

There is a rule of thumb for the Gambling function of the Bullion Bars and other Novoline slots that have it on board. When the money brought by the spin are not that great, you can go and gamble them, risk losing the amount in exchange for the chance to double it. But if the reels deliver good results, resist the temptation. Such an approach lets you have greater winnings without disappointment associated with losing what was virtually in your hands already.

Bulllion Bars Online Slot Game: The Symbols

There are not really many symbols used by the Bullion Bars slot game by Novomatic. Well, there are only three reels there, so no surprises here. What you have on them are the Bar symbol in three variations – single bar, double bar and triple bar, then there is a Bullion bar symbol, the white star, the white zero and the Bar streak, which is a scatter.

There is no traditional paytable to this game, in fact. The greatest win you can have in case the left reel is all single bars, the middle reel is Bullion bars and the right one same as the left. If you only have one line of that – Bar, Bullion Bar and Bar – the amount won is far more modest but still good. Then you have the lines with double and triple bar in the middle and a line full of stars.

The Bar streak symbol, when it falls into the middle of a payline, launches the feature. Even such simple game can have one, right?

Bullion Bars Online Slot Of Novoline: The Bonus Feature

The feature game here is quite simple, in fact. When you have the Bar – Bar streak – Bar combination on a line, you get one free spin. The reels brought a winning combination – spin another one for free. Got lucky again? Here is another free spin for, and so forth. The feature ends only when the reels show their back to your and the spin results in no wins.

Simple as that, but promising great profits, actually. Combined with 20 paylines for a 3 by 3 play field, this feature adds to the slot’s appeal.

Play Bullion Bars Online Slot By Novomatic At The Stargames Online Casino

Novoline pack forms part of the assortment offered by a number of online gaming venues. The pack includes great slots by Novomatic – Book of Ra, Dolphin’s Pearl, Sizzling Hot etc. – and the Bullion Bars, of course.

Stargames online casino is well-known among online slots fans as a place offering a generous 100% match up welcome bonus and promotions and new releases that keep people interested. Signing up for an account there does not take more than a couple of minutes, and once you have that you get 5,000 stars, your own “play money”. With those stars, you can try the games out before switching to the real money. This is a good opportunity to get to know what is on offer and decide which one will be your game of choice when you deposit real cash to your account and start having real fun.

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