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New rules for online gambling in Poland

August, 23rd 2015

Last week, the president of Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski, has approved a change in the gambling law of the country. The new law allows European companies to offer their services in Poland. This means that companies that have been founded in the territory of the EU (European Union) or the European Free Trade Association will be able to offer gaming services in Poland as long as they fulfill the new conditions.

To offer the services, a polish office or representative is necessary. President Bronislaw explained that under the current legislation, activities such as card games, craps, slot machines, cash bingo and betting may be established on Polish territory. Activities can be carried out only in the form of a joint stock company or a limited liability company.

In general, the gambling rules in Poland are very strict, especially with regard to foreign suppliers in the local market. Therefore, the approval of amendments could not be done overnight. It took almost a year to get the authorization. The polish government initially built on a draft amendment of the European Commission (EC) of the year 2014. The draft was changed in January 2015 based on feedback from the sub-committee for monitoring the implementation of the budget, amended and finally approved in August 2015.

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