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New online poker bill introduced to New York

22 May 2015

A new bill was established recently by New York State Senator John Banacic that will allow the legalisation of selective online poker activities in the US state of New York. The new bill will permit operators to offer online poker offerings to skilled players in the US state. The new terms and conditions set out in the new bill proposal to gaming operators includes a taxable rate of 15% on gross gaming revenue and the number of online poker operators to be capped at maximum of 10, as 10 licences are available at $10 million dollars.

Although the new online poker bill includes many of the same requirements as stated in the initial bill, it does however come with a restriction clause that prevents operators that have breached the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 from applying for licences.

However the new online poker bill does allow these operators to pay a once off fee of $10 million dollars to be illegible for a license application. The new bill also features a compact option that enables the state of New York to share player liquidity with other US states.

State Senator John Banacic commented saying: “New York courts have interpreted New York law to apply to a more rigorous test in identifying a ‘contest of chance’ than is applied by most states in this nation, and the courts have found that where a contest pits the skill levels of the players against each other, those games are games of skill and not games of chance. New Yorkers are today spending millions on overseas, illegal gaming sites that have no consumer protections or effective restrictions to keep minors from playing. I believe we need to start having a discussion on addressing this issue. That is why I have introduced legislation with a new bill, which would regulate online poker here in New York to protect consumers, prevent underage gaming, and combat problem gaming.”

Since the introduction of the initial 2014 online poker gaming bill and now with the amended 2015 gaming bill, Senator John Banacic realises that his efforts will succeed and his immediate expectations would be to have the US state of New York Legislators familiarise themselves with the bill content and to really consider favourably, based on the justified arguments in place.

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