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New gambling legislation in the EU


The online gambling legislation is constantly continues to evolve around the world. Rarely a week goes by without an announcement of an upcoming change. Romania is the latest country that had changed its legislation for Online Gambling, which led to a number of international gambling operators leaving the market. There was also news from Portugal, Italy, Denmark and the UK.


Romania’s Gambling Office (NGO) has implemented new regulations that will shake up the future of online gambling market. In the future fully regulated Romanian online gambling market operators must meet strict requirements if they want to purchase a license. Many operators were shocked when the NG tax payments amounting to 20% of total turnover of the Romanian players in the last five years were demanded. In-depth analysis of revenue from online gambling channels is required by potential applicants to initiate the approval process. William Hill has already thrown the towel and the NGO announced withdrawal from the Romanian market on Tuesday, 2 June. All Romanian player accounts were suspended, all partners within the country were instructed to remove marketing material of William Hill. Bet365 had left the market in autumn 2014, Ladbrokes had also already left Romania in January this year. These operators have an extremely preventive nature, since the end of 2015 is the time to apply for a Romanian online gambling license.


Portugal is still busy trying to dismantle the online gambling monopoly of Santa Casa de la Misericordia, as promised in the election in February. Foreign suppliers are now able to submit license applications before the market opens.

However, the appetite for licenses remains unclear. Portugal intends to tax at a rate which can be from 15% to 30% in order to obtain licensees. Operators with a turnover of € 10 million or more must expect he maximum tax rate of 30%.


Self-Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS) is the government agency that is entrusted with the control of the Italian online gambling market. Much of the work has already been carried out 2006-2007. During this time, 33 gambling licenses were issued. A blacklist of more than 500 foreign operators was also compiled. The Comunitaria Dekret was introduced later in February 2011 to promote the further opening of the market.

Great Britain and Denmark

Denmark’s online gambling regulatory authority, Spillemyndigheden has partnered with its British equivalent, the Gambling Commission. The aim of Spillemyndigheden is to learn how a higher level of protection can be offered to Danish players. Spillemyndigheden spoke of the United Kingdom and Denmark that want to work cross-border. So not only the players should be protected but also the international money laundering should be fought.

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