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New casino empire in the southern States of the United States

July 26, 2015

Fertitta is one of the biggest names in the American gambling business and he wants to shake up the gambling tourism with new casino hotels in the southern states of the US. He is the CEO of Landry’s Inc., an empire of the entertainment industry with more than 500 locations throughout North America, which among others includes more than 60 restaurant chains. He only recently said in an interview that you no longer have to go to Las Vegas, because here in Lake Charles exists the same offer. He is referring with this statement to his latest acquisition, a complex in Lake Charles with a golf course, a ballroom and more than 700 rooms and suites, which attracts crowds of visitors since it opened in September. Though Lake Charles in Louisiana, a medium-sized town is situated in the marshes at the Gulf of Mexico, surrounded by chemical plants and oil refineries.

Fertitta, considered to be the man with the right instinct for good business, took over several businesses at the right time for very little money, renovated them and made them profitable again. With this strategy, his fortune has increased to 2.7 billion dollars. The Casino Tycoon had taken over 10 years ago with his Ferittas Landry’s Inc., the original “Golden Nugget” in Las Vegas. The casino has one hotel with over 2,400 rooms. It was built in 1946 and is thus one of the oldest in Vegas. Its name originated from the largest gold nugget in the world that can be marvelled at here. He now owns five “golden nuggets” two of the new resorts that he has opened in the southern states in less than two years, another located in Laughlin, a small town not far from Las Vegas and fifth one in Atlantic City. In Lake Charles even the competition benefits from the high number of visitors of golden nugget. Many of the visitors come from Louisiana, but mainly from Texas, where gambling is prohibited. Houston is located in less than three hours drive from Lake Charles.

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