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Netherlands triples administrative penalty for illegal gambling

August, 10th 2015

The dutch gambling authority ‘Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) tripled the administrative penalty for illegal gambling. Until recently, the administrative penalty for offering online gambling used to be 50.000 EUR and increased to 150.000 EUR as of 1st of August 2015. According to the Kansspelautoriteit, the administrative penalty for reoffender can total up to 810.000 EUR.

The determination of those criteria varies depending on whether the non-licensed operator uses a dot-com domain, a german and dutch language option and whether they try to attract dutch players through dutch radio, TV or print media advertising. Another factor that plays a role is the amount of websites and games offered by certain operators as well as the maximum profit, the maximum initial deposits and the amount of the deposit bonus. Six operators had to pay administrative penalty within the past two years with the highest amount being 200.000 EUR. Only three of those administrative penalties were paid off, the other three operators are waiting for the delayed revision of the Remote Game Bill.

For this reason, the KSA will try to redefine boundaries. It is said that the new UK operators Total E Soft Limited and XKL are undergoing punishment. Altogether 14 dutch casino, poker and betting websites are affected. The specific delinquencies were recorded and published by the KSA. Total E Soft Limited defends itself in claiming to have blocked dutch players. This matter will presumably be resolved after long national and international law courts.

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